Top 5 Weirdest People You Won’t Believe Are Real



We don’t have to be the ones to tell you: there is certainly an odd array of people out there. Every individual person grows up differently, leading to a very diverse and colorful population of humans out there. Even though we share some similarities, no two people are ever alike. This is especially evident with this particular handful of people, as we find them to be the weirdest people who ever lived. Could you imagine having a conversation with one of these unique characters?

Number Five: Thai Ngoc. This Vietnamese man is seemingly normal at first glance, but no one is ever how they appear to be. At 70 years of age, this man has the worst insomnia we have ever witnessed. He claims to have recovered from an intense fever in 1973, since which he has not been able to sleep a wink. It is remarkable, and his story is backed by his family and has been featured on the local news. He is perfectly functional, working long day hours as a farmer and protecting his family during the nights. He is said to not only be in great physical condition but also impressive mental condition. Doctors cannot explain the phenomenon.

Number Four: Sanju Bhagat. An Indian man by the name Sanju Bhagat suffers from a condition so incredibly rare that only about 100 cases of such occurrence have ever been documented. Over the course of his life, Bhagat had always been cursed with a sizeable belly bulge. He originally thought it to be a weight problem; however, he was so affected by the bulge that it caused him to be sent to the emergency room at age 36. Doctors advised surgery and carried on the with the procedure expecting to find a growth or tumor inside him. What they did find was much more surprising. He had a condition called fetus in fetu, which means that when he was born his parents were supposed to have twins. At the time of his mother’s pregnancy, his fetus actually absorbed the fetus of his to-be brother. That’s right; this pregnant man has been carrying around his unborn baby brother for most of his life.

Number Three: Mehran Karimi Nasseri. Nasseri, originally a resident of Iran, underwent a long hardship in living conditions. After having issues with the Iranian government, he was exiled from his home country. He had wanted to move to the United Kingdom but had somehow lost all of his legal documents in the exile. As a man unable to become a citizen anywhere, he lived in Terminal One of a French airport. He was originally detained for lack of citizenship, but it was decided that he had a right to enter the airport and was released there. In Terminal One, the man lived from 1988 to 2006- a total of 18 years. He kept a journal to occupy his time and lived on favors from the nice airport staff. He later fell ill and was accepted into a French hospital, and now stays in a French shelter for the homeless.

Number Two: Yoshiro Nakamatsu. Often known as Dr. Nakamats, this Japanese man is responsible for the creation of over 3,300 inventions- owning more patents than anyone else in the world. He has designed a series of odd inventions, including a chair to stimulate mental efficiency, a lifted toilet seat, and floppy disk covers which is one of his better-known innovations. The reason he makes this list is for his odd dietary habits: he once claimed that he could live to be 144 based on the statistics of his diet. In turn, he has dissected the aspects of and document every meal that he has consumed in the past 34 years. Sadly, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and will never get to see how his equations would have panned out.

Number One: Michael Lotito. This strange character has quite a bizarre talent. Lotito, a French entertainer, earns his living by eating the most unbelievable objects. In vague terms, this includes indigestible materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, and even glass. What’s more, he can also consume materials which would be poisonous to most humans. He even spent two years in devouring the whole of an aircraft. He accomplishes his feats by sipping on a lot of mineral oil before a performance and has only admitted experiencing digestive problems after consuming hard boiled eggs of bananas. We really have to wonder how he discover his crazy ability in the first place. We hope you enjoyed meeting the five weirdest people who ever lived!

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