Top 5 Unique Celebrity Vacation Homes



Taylor Swift

*** Today’s post is written and compiled by guest writer Kurt Jacobson. House Crazy Sarah is on vacation. Just kidding. She’s still here, working hard at her day job.

1. Oprah’s Hawaiian farmhouse

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey first began buying property in Hawaii on the advice of her personal trainer Bob Greene. Today, she is the proud owner of a former ranch-turned 21st century farmhouse on a moss-covered hillside on the east side of Maui in addition to several other parcels of land. In a blog for the Huffington Post last year, she said that the first morning she woke up in the house after working on its renovation for three years, her heart swelled with gratitude as she looked out of the window at the green meadow and the ocean just beyond it. For Oprah, the Maui farmhouse is her ‘sacred space’ and the one place she can always go to when she wants ‘stillness’. The US First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly celebrated her 50th birthday here this year.


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2. Armani’s Caribbean retreat

Famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani is the proud owner of two gorgeous linked villas – Villa Flower and Villa Serene – on the scenic islands of Antigua. Entirely furnished with pieces from the Armani fashion line, this dramatic cliffside vacation home offers stunning views of the ocean from all the rooms and has several living and relaxation areas.

Armani (3)

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3. Brangelina’s French chateau

Celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s 1,000-acre Château Miraval in Provence, where they got married two months ago, is next on our list. The French Country-style manor was built in 1841 and is surrounded by more than 900 acres of fountains, gardens, olive groves, vineyards, woodlands and believe it or not, a moat. The property’s previous owners include French jazz pianist Jacques Loussier and American businessman Tom Bove. Brangelina bought the property in 2008 for a cool $60 million after renting it as a summer home for three years running.


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4. George Clooney’s Italian mansion

Evergreen Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney bought his Lake Como hideaway in 2002 from the Heinz family for a reported €11.7 million.  Clooney, who recently got married to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin, once said that buying the Villa Oleandra in Laglio had changed his life in a very pleasant but unexpected way and made him realize that life in Italy was beautiful. The Villa Oleandra was also the site of John Kransinski and Emily Blunt’s wedding in 2010. The property has been featured in the movie Ocean’s Twelve, starring Clooney and close friends Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, and a few Fiat commercials.


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5. Taylor Swift’s beachfront mansion

Taylor Swift’s beachfront mansion in Rhode Island, which the pop superstar bought for more than $17 million last year, is spread across five acres of land and sits just 65 feet off the water. The Grammy award winner angered other residents of the exclusive beach community when she began work on a sea wall in front of her home.

Taylor Swift

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About the author:

Kurt Jacobson is a surfing enthusiast with a background in real estate. Having moved 10 times in the past 7 years, he thrives on helping others learn from his experiences. When he’s not out shredding waves he writes about homes for  







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