Top 5 True Predictions of Real-Life Tragedies



Though psychics are often debunked as fakes and phonies, sometimes predictions are just too eery to be fake. These five people and their true predictions of real-life tragedies helped them stop themselves from experiencing pain and suffering. Check out their haunting stories below.

Number Five: Major Archibald And a Maid. One maid was working for a family in the early 1900s when she began experiencing nightmares that just wouldn’t stop. Her nightmares were not very specific, but they all revolved around one thing: the cabin she bought for a voyage across the sea to America. Similarly, Major Archibald Butt had premonitions about his upcoming voyage across the sea to America, and he even changed his will in case he died en route. Of course, the trip the two were dreaming about was the fatal Titanic.

Number Four: Reeva Steenkamp. Reeva Steenkamp made a strange painting when she was 14 years old. The painting depicted an angelic girl at the foot of a ladder who looked quite fearful. Oddly, she also painted a figure in the background who was pointing a gun at the angelic figure. Years later, Steenkamp became the girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius, who tragically murdered her with a gun.

Number Three: David Booth. In 1970, David Booth began having nightmares of a deadly plane crash. Specifically, his nightmares detailed a large jet flipping over on a runway. He eventually told the FAA, but it was too late. Not too long after he told the FAA, Flight 191 experienced a devastating crash in which the plane, a Boeing 727, flipped over on the runway and killed nearly 300 people.

Number Two: Logan Dryer. Logan Dryer was in elementary school when he began experiencing uncontrollable panic attacks. His attacks eventually became so intense that his mom transferred him to another school. Two weeks later, the Sandy Hook shooting happened at Logan’s school. Logan’s mom claims he inherited his predictive abilities from his psychic grandmother.

Number One: Barrett Naylor. You might assume a Wall Street executive would think more logically than intuitively, but that wasn’t the case with Barrett Naylor. Naylor took the train to work every day, and in 1993, he just had a feeling that he shouldn’t go into work. That very day, there was a bombing at the bottom of the World Trade Center. Amazingly, less than 10 years later, Naylor had the same eery feeling on his way to work again. The date was September 11, 2001.

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