Top 5 Stories of People Raised by Animals



The Jungle Book presented the idea of people being raised by animals to most of us when we were young, but this strange occurrence has actually happened in real life! For you, we have compiled a list of the most astonishing stories of real people growing up under the care of compassionate animals. Read on to discover these moving tales of caring animals who adopted these young humans, and the thrilling stories of how they grew up in the wild!

Number Five: Natasha Mikhailova – Raised by Animals

Natasha was found at the young age of five years old, after having lived her short life raised by dogs. As she placed into human society, she still retained the dog-like behavior she had learned. She doesn’t talk, but rather barks to convey her thoughts. She walks by crawling, laps up drinks with her tongue, and digs into her food face-first. She lived in an abandoned apartment with the dogs who cared for her until she was rescued.

Number Four: Vanya Yudin

Vanya was a young boy who lived with his mother in a run-down apartment building. The mother refused to interact or even speak to the boy, so he learned his communication skills from the pet birds the two kept. From this traumatic childhood, he communicates only by squawking or flapping his “wings.” He was rescued at the age of seven and admitted to a center for rehabilitation.

Number Three: Lyokha

This boy was found in a Russian forest, assumed to be a teenager- though no one can determine his actual age. He was found essentially as a wolf, deemed to be the “wolf boy”, even taking part in the membership of his pack. He walked primarily on all fours and had sharpened his teeth into long fangs. He functioned completely as a wild animal when he was taken to a hospital for treatment, but managed his escape before the doctors even got to him. They haven’t been able to find him since.

Number Two: Orangutan Boy

The nameless “Orangutan Boy” was found as a member of a pack of orangutans in Malaysia. The boy was raised by his odd family until the age of seven years when he was found. He was unable to communicate and was even frightened by fellow humans. He had become a valued family member of the primates, who even tried to defend him from the people who tried to take him.

Number One: Gazelle Boy

One young boy, dubbed to be “Gazelle Boy”, was found in the Syrian desert living as one of the gazelle herd’s own. He had almost as much leg power as the impressive animals and had the ability to run up to 50 kilometers per hour. It was impossible to discover any of the boys past, and he remains nameless known only as Gazelle Boy. He was later institutionalized to fix his behavioral habits and became a prized story of the media. We hope you enjoyed reading about the five thrilling stories of people raised by animals!

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