Top 5 Serial Killers Who Currently Roam Free



Pedro Lopez (photo by:
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It is frightening to think of the horrid actions performed by serial killers, though it is even more frightening to think that these crazy people could be walking among us. Due to loopholes in the legal system, it is more common than we would like that these murders receive less than a life sentence. We have compiled a list of five examples; five serial killers who now roam free and could even be your neighbor.

Number Five: Nikolai Dzhumagaliev

This man in known by “Metal Fang”, a nickname based on the set of fake, metal fangs he had surgically adhered to his teeth. He is most notorious for consuming his victims and has killed as many as seven known women. He was released after a mere year of imprisonment for his crimes, as he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After his release, he celebrated with a party attended by his friends- one of which he began dismembering as his guests watched in terror. Because of his mental disorder, he served only an eight-year sentence and now walks among us.

Number Four: Killers Karla Homolka and Her Husband

This woman was in cahoots with her husband, who she claimed to have been the main killer of their victims. The man had been obsessed with Homolka’s sister, whom she would drug and watch her husband take advantage of while unconscious. After she caused her sister to overdose and drown in her own vomit, the duo sought out a handful of other victims. Her husband is currently serving a life sentence though Homolka was released after only 15 years.

Number Three: Mary Bell

At the age of only 11 years, Bell had already murdered two young boys. She strangled one four-year-old boy in an abandoned warehouse and partnered up with a friend to kill her next victim. She mutilated the genitals and skin of this three-year-old boy, slicing letters into his body before she killed him. She was released from jail at age 23 and has started a family of her own since then.

Number Two: Arnfinn Nesset

Nesset worked for Hospice as a nurse in Norway. While on duty, he was said to have killed numerous victims with anesthetics. It is believed that he was the cause of death for hundreds of his patients; however, was only charged with the murder of 22. At the time, the maximum sentence of any criminal in Norway was 21 years, which he served and is now free.

Number One: One of the Most Terrifying Serial Killers – Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez was a notorious killer of women in Hispanic countries, such as Peru and Colombia. He confessed to the murder of hundreds of these unlucky women in the short span of two years. Officials almost couldn’t believe his claims of murdering such a mass number of victims, until he revealed the location of the grave in which they found a majority of the corpses. He served only 18 years in prison for his crimes. Hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the five serial killers who now roam free!

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