Top 5 Most Badass People On The Planet



We all love observing the awesome, action-packed feats of legendary people, and we have found the five most badass people on the planet! People everywhere are enticed by those who master the fine art of badassery, which is primarily why we can’t stop gushing over action movies! These five people have proved themselves to be real-life James Bonds. What did they do that earned their rank on our list? You can only find out by reading on!

Number Five: A Sailor’s Sacrifice. During World War II, one brave Navy sailor by the name of Sheean made one of the bravest decisions in history. Upon the sinking of his ship under Japanese fire, this man aided his crewmates in boarding the life boats. As the last man aboard the sinking ship, he chose to release the life boats rather than hop on himself. As his crewmates floated to potential safety away from the fire, they witnessed the legendary sailor strap himself to a turret on deck, causing the machine to release continuous fire towards the sky. He shot down a large number of attacking planes to save his crewmates, knowing that he would not make it out with his life.

Number Four: The Japanese Legend. Benkei was renowned for his legendary swordsmanship, as well as intimidating six-foot-seven-inch muscular stature. He was accompanying an old samurai friend who wished to commit suicide on his own terms, or rather honorable seppuku. Upon this heavy moment, an entire army of soldiers arrived at the door to kill the samurai. Benkei, defending his long-time friend’s honor, took on the whole lot. After killing a large portion of the army with only a sword and not a scratch on him, the general order his archers to kill him from a distance to avoid losing more soldiers. When the archers struck their target, the arrows positioned him against a wall in a fashion that made him look as if he were standing. Terrified and convinced he had survived the blows, the army stood in shock for quite some time. The legendary warrior did die from the arrows, but it allowed enough time for the warrior to commit his seppuku.

Number Three: Scary Surgery. While one prestigious doctor was stranded in Antarctica, he had what he had believe to be appendicitis. The pain he experienced was so intense, he saw no other option than to removed the body part himself. Two assistants held lighting and mirrors for the doctor, and watched in horror as the man cut himself open, and skillfully removed his own appendix. Upon later analyzation of the appendix, it was scheduled to rupture in less than a single day. If he had not performed the self-surgery, he would have died from the rupture.

Number Two: A Long Journey. British seaman Fairfax was a man of incredible adventures, including a three-year-long entanglement with vicious pirates. The most valiant accomplishment of Fairfax, however, was a journey across the Atlantic Ocean. It doesn’t seem very difficult to accomplish, however, this man decided to take the entire journey by his lonesome in only a small rowboat that he powered himself. It took him 180 tiresome days to travel from Canary Islands to the borders of Florida, but he sure did it. Feeling a craving for more thrilling adventure, he decided to set out on a similar trip and brought a friend along. He and his friend, Olivia Cook, rowed across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Australia in a total of 361 days.

Number One: Just a Distraction. A 24-year-old New Zealand doctor by the name of James Grant really enjoyed going spearfishing and decided to partake in the activity one fateful day. While beneath the ocean’s surface, a hungry shark snatched Grant by the leg and tried to pull him down deeper to finish his snack. However, Grant remained calm and simply speared the shark until he released his bite. Grant swam back to the shore with his bloody leg, where he administered his own stitches. After the event that would normally be considered traumatic, the doctor went straight to the bar with his friends for a casual beer. When they arrived, he asked the bar for a painkiller and finished a bit of surgery on his own leg.

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