America’s Top 5 Greenest Cities



There are plenty of people keeping their environment clean, working hard to make sure the greenest cities in America stay that way. From the air quality to energy sources, there are cities in America that are simply better equipped at being green. If fresh air is something you crave on a daily basis, mark these locations down next time you’re making a travel list. Here are the top five greenest cities in America.

Number Five: Miami, Florida. Miami is already a beautiful city filled with beautiful people, but they’re clean on top of that. The air quality is superb, and the city has plenty of residents who carpool. In addition, there aren’t a whole lot of people who use public transportation; only about 11 percent of Miami residents choose to commute on transit.

Number Four: San Francisco, California. San Francisco is definitely one of the most popular cities in America, and it’s also one of the greenest. Ten percent of its residents walk instead of drive to work, and solar energy is becoming more popular, with almost 14 out of every 10,000 homes using the sun for heat. Nationwide, only about 6.25 of every 10,000 American homes are utilizing solar energy.

Number Three: Arlington, Virginia. Arlington currently holds a very good median Air Quality Index, or AQI. With a slightly higher number of dense residential buildings but fewer commuters who walk or take public transportation, Arlington comes in just below its neighbor (more on that later). Given their proximity, it isn’t surprising that Washington, D.C., and Arlington share a median AQI of 48, which is just within the EPA’s “good” classification.

Number Two: Washington, D.C. The city of Washington has a pretty incredible public transit system, and a whopping 38 percent of the city commutes to work this way. The D.C. area also has pretty low levels of pollution from heating fuels, such as wood and coal.

Number One: Honolulu, Hawaii. The greenest city in all of America is Honolulu, where a large number of residents use solar energy. They’re also professional recyclers, as the locals are extremely dedicated to upholding the quality of their surrounding environment. Last year, Honolulu received great praise from the EPA and received a median AQI of 27.

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