Top 5 Eeriest Places in the World



We all enjoy a little thrill here and there, and we’ve found the five eeriest places to satisfy your craving for the heebie-jeebies. If you love to be spooked, creeped out, disgusted, and shocked- start planning your vacation now. You’ll definitely want to add these five creepy destinations to your thrill-seeking travel list!

Number Five: Kampung Monyet – Indonesia. Kampung Monyet, translating to “Monkey Village” in Malay, is a nightmarish destination for those seeking thrilling chills down their spine. This infamous town features over 150 chained monkeys, clad in children’s clothes and dirty doll masks. This style of performance called Topeng Monyet, or “Masked Monkey”, is a freaky Indonesian tradition that is centuries old. Kampung Monyet is one of the few destinations still practicing this form of entertainment, as animal abuse and spread of disease have become a notable issue for these performers.

Number Four: Lake Natron – Tanzania. Lake Natron, lying on the Tanzanian and Kenyan border, is notorious for its murders. Prolonged exposure to the fumes from this body of water are enough to kill a person. In addition to its toxicity, the salinity or level of salt that Lake Natron bears has been known to murder and even mummify thousands of animals annually. The pool of water can reach temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the lake to dry up and expose its mummified desert victims. Often, it is noted to resemble a scabbed, infected wound, due to the red color it retains from its unique array of toxic bacteria as it dries and cracks.

Number Three: Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Kentucky. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium plagues Louisville, Kentucky, as one of the most haunted destinations on Earth. The structure was designed as its own town, complete with a post office and zip code, in order to seclude tuberculosis patients in 1910 during an epidemic. Although the intentions of the hospital were good, the infectious, airborne disease quickly overrun the entire structure. The hospital gleaned a saying about its residents that “once you checked in, you didn’t check out”. Unfortunately, almost every patient, nurse, and staff member were overcome with the deadly disease. As far as the eeriest places in the world go, this one is up there.

Number Two: City of Guatemala Cemetery – Guatemala. The City of Guatemala Cemetery has a reputation for its “unique” architecture. Due to the city’s unreasonably high mortalities, vertical structures resembling buildings were established to contain the dead. The crypts form an eerie town, as the buildings with vertically-stacked bodies form high walls and long streets as far as one can see. The mortality issue in Guatemala city is so intense that loved ones must pay rent to keep their loved ones covered. For the corpses of those who cannot afford this, the bodies are dug up and transferred to a communal grave near the city dump.

Number One: Museum Vrolik – Amsterdam. The Museum Vrolik is the creepiest collection of preserved oddities you will ever lay eyes on. The unnatural displays consist of preserved fetuses, skeletons, and mutated bodies. Originally collected by Gerardus Vrolik, Dutch anatomist, and his son, Willem, the pieces were sold in 1869 and donated to the department of anatomy of Athenaeum Illustre. There are thousands of anatomical, botanical, and zoological specimens displayed here to give you the heebie-jeebies, free of charge! We hope you enjoyed our list of the world’s eeriest places and keep these in mind the next time you’re planning a creepy vacation!

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