Top 5 Craziest Unexplained Events of All Time



Every now and again a mysterious case of odd and even just plain crazy unexplained events occur that still can’t be explained even to this day. In the modern day, we have extensive technology and trained professionals to aid solving strange mysteries, so it certainly makes a big statement when no one can figure out just what happened. To twist and alter the facts of the world you thought you had known, we have compiled a list of the five craziest events that have ever occurred that still remain unexplained today.

Number Five: The Bird Death Mystery. On a gruesome day in Arkansas, residents were wake up in terror as they witnessed a real-life nightmare. Strewn across the roads, homes, and waters of the majority of the state we countless corpses of black birds. It seemed as if every bird in the whole state had just decided to drop dead – all at the same time. Similar instances have this mass suicide have been witnessed in Kentucky and Louisiana as well. Those tests have been done on the bodies of the birds, still no one can explain what the birds experienced that was so fatal to send them plummeting to their deaths.

Number Four: The Ice Woman. On a fateful night in Minnesota, one 19-year-old girl just going home had crashed in the snow on a cold night of 25 degrees below zero. Though she tried to break free and reach her neighbor, she was trapped inside the car. The neighbor found her body the next morning, but as a solid block of ice. Every molecule of her body had frozen, and the neighbor recalled her looking more like a statue of ice than a live person. She was rushed to the hospital, who advised the family that even if they could defrost her daughter, her skin, organs, and brain would all be damaged. They wrapped her in a heating pad, and to even the doctors’ surprise, perked right back up to life after a few hours. Soon, the girl was released from the hospital, right back to normal.

Number Three: The Battle of Los Angeles. In 1942, a strange object hovered over the skies of Los Angeles. No one quite has the answer to what this was, even to this day. It appeared to be some sort of machinery, and many thought it was another attack by the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. Forces fired anti-aircraft missiles at the structure, but to no effect. Eventually it disappeared, and stories covered it up as a weather balloon. To this day, no one knows what it truly was.

Number Two: The Dyatlov Pass Incident. In the winter of 1959, a horrific massacre occurred when nine campers set out for a hike on a tall mountain in sub-zero weather. The tents at their campsite was found scattered and torn to shreds, and their bodies were found dead nearby. Six of the campers were victims of the cold, but two bodies had been found with broken chests proclaimed to be inhuman. The last camper was a woman who had her tongue torn out of her mouth. Even weirder, they were all severely radioactive, and no footprints, DNA, or other clues were found on the scene.

Number One: The Tunguska Event. Russia experienced a strange occurrence in 1908. Witnesses say a blue light lit up sky in the early morning, and was followed by a sound similar to heavy artillery gunfire. The ground then shook the earth, so hard that people were knocked down and windows were broken for miles. The night sky featured glowing rainbows over Europe and Asia for days following the incident. Even after more than a hundred years, no one can figure out what happened.

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