Top 5 Craziest Cults Ever to Have Existed



Sometimes, living in a normal society allows you to forget that your culture is not the only one. There are people in the world that belong to cults, odd religions, and secret societies. Here are the top five craziest ones that should inspire you not to drink the Kool-Aid.

Number One: Scientology. Scientology is a sort of religion that practiced in the U.S. that seems to target celebrities and the wealthy. Like many churches, its members give donations. Scientology, however, asks for large donations to be made in order for a person to become a member of this religion. Many people also refer to Scientology as a cult. Followers of Scientology have to go through “audits” where they are strapped to a machine used to measure one’s mental state, and they are asked questions about traumas in their lives, and even their past lives are not off limits. Scientologists are forced to isolate themselves from friends and family that do not believe. The one good thing this religion seems to offer is the fact that it is recognized as a tax-exempt religion. Oh, and did I mention their god is an intergalactic alien ruler named Xenu?

Number Two: Illuminati. Though not technically a cult, the Illuminati is still a weird secret society, and that helps it make the list. This secret society was created for the elites back in the 1700s, and they allegedly control the world. Jay-Z is said to be the leader of this society, which means Beyoncé is his first lady, which is fine by me. Many other celebrities flash signs of the illuminati during award shows, on TV, in music videos, and in photo shoots. Some of their symbols are a pyramid, the All-Seeing Eye, goat heads, and devil horns. Other celebrities who have been theorized to be a part of this group are Daft Punk, Lady Gaga, Jim Carrey, and LeBron James. According to theorists, these celebrities act the way they do with the intentions of keeping the people happy and loving them. Lady Gaga calls out to her little monsters with a plan to take over the world, and not just because she’s a weirdo.

Number Three: The Manson Family. Back in the 1960s, Charles Manson was able to brainwash a group of people into murder without a cause. Manson believed there was going to be a race war and that The Beatles also knew about it. He told his followers that The White Album spoke to him and told him what to do. In 1969, the Manson Family killed people in L.A. They killed Roman Polanski’s wife, who was 8 months pregnant with his son, and they also killed four of her friends. The next day they killed a couple in their home. After they killed, the Manson family used their victims’ blood to write the lyrics to Beatles’ songs. Talk about crazy.

Number Four: The People’s Temple. Reverend James Warren Jones was one crazy S.O.B. He created a city called Jonestown in Guyana. Jones wished to create a socialist utopia for his followers. What his followers didn’t know at the time was that they were not allowed to leave Jonestown. The U.S. government tried to intervene by sending the California Congressman at the time and a television crew to investigate what was going on. Jones ended up having the Congressman and his crew killed when they tried to leave out of fear. Jones then held a mass that led to a mass suicide/murder of his followers and himself. He made over 900 of them drink a purple drink mixed with poison. Thirty-three people survived by escaping into the jungle. 

Number Five: Heaven’s Gate. Marshall Applewhite led this cult into a mass suicide of 39 people back in 1997. This was one strange cult following. For starters, Applewhite was voluntarily castrated along with other members of the cult. They believed the world was going to end, so they drank poison and suffocated themselves to allow aliens to collect their spirits. They were discovered wearing matching black sweatpants, black t-shirts, and new black and white Nike Windrunners. There was one survivor who Applewhite told to stay behind to allow the cult to live on.

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