Top 5 Craziest CIA Operations of All Time



CIA logo / PPcorn art
CIA logo / PPcorn art

We all know the CIA to get a little weird sometimes, but these CIA operations are just plain crazy! They can’t always let us know what is really going on in their classified heads, and maybe this is why. These CIA operations sound so “out there” that you really won’t believe them; but they really happened!

Number Five: The Bay of Pigs. During the fight to remove Fidel Castro from power, the CIA sanctioned the Bay of Pigs Invasion. As many as 1,300 exiled Cubans were specially trained and prepared to attack. Because we lacked the air support to follow through, this is seen by many as one of America’s greatest failures. We later purchased the soldiers back from Cuban imprisonment for about $53 million.

Number Four: Siberian Pipeline. Around 1982, America had sold a large number of tampered parts to the Soviet Union. As planned, this caused an extensive gas pipeline to combust. As a unique ploy of the CIA, this prevented the pipeline from producing a government profit of roughly $8 billion annually.

Number Three: The Porno War. During the Cold War, the CIA played a dirty trick to lower the popularity of the Indonesia president. The masterminds created a porno starring a lookalike of this figure and spread it around the country. They’ve got some dirty tricks up their sleeve.

Number Two: Operation Midnight Climax. In an attempt to better understand the effects of hallucinogens, such as LSD, the CIA played another dirty trick. Random foods were planted with the drugs, then given to citizens who were unaware that it had been tampered with. They were then tracked by an agent, and taken by prostitutes to a safe location.

Number One: Project MK-Ultra. In addition to tampering with unsuspecting consumers, the CIA has also played around with a little mind control. Volunteers were taken to facilities, and were instructed to take psychoactive drugs, were hypnotized, or even had electrodes planted in their brains. Although the file remains to be classified, it is widely speculated that this case was a success. In other words, mind control is possible and they can do it.

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