Top 25 Mind-Blowing Photos You Won’t Believe (Part 3)



Our parts one and two articles featuring the first sixteen photos you won’t believe absolutely blew your mind. If you were impressed by the feats accomplished in these images, wait until you see the top nine finally premiered in our part three article!

Number Nine: The Perfect Lizard Suit

Most lizards get pretty sloppy when suffering with the shedding of their skin, but this particular lizard took exceptional pride in his work. He left behind the perfect skin shedding, although we are still skeptical it’s just a lizard ghost.

Number Eight: The Most Annoying Road Obstacle

If you thought your daily commute was horrible, just imagine how insufferable it would be to give an airplane the right of way. For drivers on the roads near the Gibraltar Airport, this struggle is extremely real.

Number Seven: A Million Colors

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to see one million different colors all at the same, we have finally found a solution for your curious mind. With this specially-designed image, you can simultaneously view one million completely diverse colors.

Number Six: Medical Art

Besides being the most fashionable medical device we have ever seen, this cast is making serious waves in the medical field. With its unique design, it utilizes the help of ultrasound technology to heal human bones at an increased rate of 40%.

Number Five: A Holy Egg

This egg (yes, actual egg) is a feat of artistic skill, absolutely no doubt about it. But the real question is, how was this done. Well, we can tell you this: it took a lot of time, a tiny drill, and about 20,000 holes.

Number Four: Photos of Artistic Confusion

Upon first glance, you might assume that this image is the result of four images stitched together, rather than just a single photograph. Like most observers, you would be wrong. This photo was actually taken in a single shot, after a lot of preparation.

Number Three: The Space Shuttle Atlantis in Flight

Many watched the impressive flight of the space shuttle Atlantis as it launched into the air. However, we were only able to observe it from the ground. As we know from this image taken from the Space Station, it looks a little something like this from space.

Number Two: A Soda Bottle, Pre-Soda

Consumers often know only the end product of the items they buy regularly, but have you ever wondered about the steps it takes to bring you a simple bottle of soda? In the early stages of production, this is what that bottle looks like before being filled with compressed air.

Number One: The Deepest Swimming Pool

If you wanted to take a dip in the deepest swimming pool in the world, yes- you would definitely need a scuba suit. The deepest pool measures out at a depth of roughly 113 feet, as can be seen in this photo. We hope you enjoyed seeing our top 25 mind-blowing photos that are so unreal you couldn’t believe them!

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