Top 25 Mind-Blowing Photos You Won’t Believe (Part 1)



With the amazing features of Photoshop doctoring the majority of the photos on the internet, we can never really tell what is real anymore. With this dilemma in mind, we have sought out the 25 most amazing images of things you have (probably) never seen before, completely untouched by image-doctoring programs! You won’t believe that these amazing photos are real, but we can promise you that they are! Stay tuned for our part two article, coming soon with the next eight mind-blowing photos that are so unreal you won’t believe them!

Number Twenty-Five: Digital Cabinetry

Upon first glance, you might assume that this photo is either doctored or the result of a Sims malfunction. However, both possibilities are incorrect. Believe it or not, this is a real cabinet, constructed to appear as though it were affected by a digital glitch.

Number Twenty-Four: A Child’s Skull with Baby Teeth

It is sad that this young child had to die at such an early age, but he produced quite an interesting skull. This skull is that of a child who has yet to lose any of his baby teeth.

Number Twenty-Three: Pipe Cleaner Wolf

Never underestimate the power of crafts! This wolf was constructed by a dedicated artist, intricately brought to life with only a large number of pipe cleaners.

Number Twenty-Two: Gravity-Defying Coins

This photo appears to be a trick of Photoshop but is actually just a miracle of physics. These coins were specially stacked using a mathematical technique to hold its shape over the edge of a table.

Number Twenty-One: Plane Anatomy

Most of us have observed the cramped insides of a plane, but not many people can see a plane this in-depth. This photo was taken of the cross-section of an airplane before it was attached to the rest of the plane.

Number Twenty: Firework Photos

Most people enjoy photography while in the presence of fireworks and use extreme care in order to get a focused shot of the spectacle. However, another kind of spectacle can be produced by simply refocusing your lens. This photo was taken while refocusing a camera taking pictures of fireworks.

Number Nineteen: Electrified Grass

Lightning always produces an utterly striking pattern when it shoots across the sky, but what happens when it hits the ground? We can tell you, from this photo, that the electricity still flows in that amazing nature.

Number Eighteen: The Original Hitler-Stache

Turns out, the iconic Hitler-stache wasn’t the dictator’s first facial hair experiment. Initially, he tried out the longer version shown in this photograph. He had to cut it down so that he could fit into his gas mask. Imagine how things would have been different if he had more dedication to his mustache. Stay tuned for our part two and three articles, coming soon with the remaining 17 mind-blowing photos that are so unreal you won’t believe them!

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