Top 25 Mind-Blowing Photos You Won’t Believe (Part 2)



Our part one article featuring the first eight photos you won’t believe absolutely blew your mind. If you were impressed by the feats accomplished in these images, wait until you see the next eight now revealed in our part two article! Stay tuned for our part three article, coming soon with the top nine mind-blowing photos that are so unreal you won’t believe them!

Number Seventeen: The Most Realistic Fake Wave

If you were to view a close-up of this artistic creation, you might actually believe it is an actual photograph of a wave at sunset. However, in reality, it is just an extremely intricate and seemingly perfect colored-pencil drawing.

Number Sixteen: Space Mountain Lit Up

Even in a place like Space Mountain, the lights have to come on sometime. If you ever wondered what this Disney attraction might look like all lit up, well, this is it.


Number Fifteen: An Art Loaf

In this picture we have a loaf… of art. This piece was made by carefully layering molten glass to produce this recreation of the famous piece, and each slice was sold for roughly $5,000 apiece.

Number Fourteen: Jellyfish Surfing

After Finding Nemo, surfing on jellyfish became a dream for many of us; children and adults alike. However, it is apparently only realistic for other sea creatures, like this little turtle.

Number Thirteen: The Method to a Perfect Walkway

When walking along such perfectly crafted brick walkways, it is only natural to wonder how the heck people do that, and how long it would take them. It turns out that it really doesn’t take that long, provided you invest in a walkway machine like this.

Number Twelve: Photos of Perfection in Nature

Perfection doesn’t often occur in nature, but it is there. For example, these cubes of pyrite, completely untouched by man. That’s right- these were found to be the work of the mysterious Mother Nature, and even measured out to perfect and symmetrical dimensions.

Number Eleven: Dam Empty

The Hoover Dam was filled with water in 1936, but before that, it looked just like this. This shot was taken from the backside of the Hoover Dam, pre-water.

Number Ten: The Eclipse set

It is extremely rare to see an eclipse at sunset, but this photographer caught the amazing experience on film. Two simultaneous miracles of nature, in all of their beauteous glory. Stay tuned for our part three article, coming soon with the top nine mind-blowing photos that are so unreal you won’t believe them!

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