Top 21 Facts About The Big Bang Theory (Part 1)



The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom that originally premiered in 2007. The show features an assortment of highly intelligent but nerdy characters, and has become a very popular series. Here is part one of our list of facts about the show.

Number Twenty-one: We Don’t Know Penny’s Last Name

She’s the only character whose surname has never been said on the show. Rumors say that she wants to keep it this way, but that the director plans to reveal it later on in the series.

Number Twenty: Mayim Bialik has a PhD

The character she portrays is exceedingly intelligent, and it turns out the actress is too. She has a PhD in neuroscience, and went to UCLA despite being accepted by both Yale and Harvard.

Number Nineteen: The Big Bang Theory Actors are Musicians

Most of the geek characters on the show are also very talented musical artists. It turns out this has some basis in reality. Johnny Galecki is a cellist, and Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik learned a couple of instruments just for the show.

Number Eighteen: The Writer of the Show Invented ‘Bazinga’

He used to say this word as a replacement for “gotcha” in a recurring backstage prank. The word continually was used among the behind-the-scenes crew and eventually found its way into the script.

Number Seventeen: Soft Kitty is a Real Song

You may have thought that this was invented specifically for the show, but it turns out it’s a song that dates all the way back to the 1930s! The song is called Warm Kitty and was made by Edith Newlin. The song was significant to the producer from his childhood.

Number Sixteen: Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki Were a Real Couple

The characters these actors portray dated on the show, and it turns out they were together in real life as well, which Kaley revealed in an interview back in 2010. They were a couple for two years.

Number Fifteen: Lenny, Penny and Kenny

This is what the show was originally going to be called. Maybe they realized that “Kenny” looks a lot more like a “Sheldon”. Hopefully you enjoyed part one of our article, check back soon for parts two and three.

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