Top 21 Facts About The Big Bang Theory (Part 3)



We already brought you parts one and two of this list of lesser-known facts about The Big Bang Theory. We are back now with the third and final part of the article.

Number Seven: Parsons Has Never Seen Star Trek

It’s funny since the character he portrays is such a huge fan of the show, but he has never actually watched a single episode. He’s also never seen Doctor Who which the Sheldon character loves.

Number Six: Raj Hinted at Mayim Bialik Coming Onto The Big Bang Theory

In the first season, Raj, Howard, and Leonard are discussing who should replace Sheldon on their science team. Raj suggests the actress, referring to her as the girl who played on Blossom. A couple of seasons later, she joined the cast as Amy.

Number Five: The Guys’ Apartment is All One Set

It’s portrayed in the show as multiple floors, but it’s really just the same set redecorated. In the earlier seasons, they used to show all three “floors”, but in later ones, they stopped doing it as much, likely due to hassle.

Number Four: Howard’s Girly Toys

Have you ever noticed that all of Howard’s action figures are women? His room has models of Batgirl and Wonderwoman. The only male figure present is Jabba the Hutt, which includes Princess Leia as well.

Number Three: Who is Penny’s Mom?

Penny is the only character whose mother has not been featured in the show. They haven’t even mentioned her name yet though we have met her dad.

Number Two: Kate Micucci Auditioned for Amy

The actress originally went for the part of Sheldon’s girlfriend Amy. Apparently the crew did not think she was the right fit for this, so they put her on a list of future character possibilities and later on cast her as Lucy, Raj’s shy girlfriend.

Number One: ‘She Blinded Me With Science’

We’re all familiar with the Barenaked Ladies song that is featured on the intro of The Big Bang Theory, but the song was originally the ‘80s hit She Blinded Me With Science. We hope you enjoyed the third and final part of this article.

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