Top 20 World’s Deadliest Things (Part 2)



We already brought you part one, and now we’re back with part two of the world’s 20 deadliest things. From people to places to things, we’ve got it all covered in terms of what you should avoid while you still can on this great green earth. Check out 10 more things that will kill you below.

Number Ten: Deadliest Gang. Mexico’s largest and most sophisticated gang is Los Zetas, and it’s also the world’s deadliest. The gang was originally formed by Mexican commandos who left the army in the 1990s.

Number Nine: Deadliest Serial Killer. Colombian Luis Garavito was definitively connected to 140 murders, but he is actually suspected to have murdered nearly 300 people throughout his life. Interestingly, he was only sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Number Eight: Deadliest Bird. The ostrich is the world’s deadliest bird. Though they may look strange and not so deadly, they can run at 40 miles per hour and are capable of kicking a person’s intestines out through their spine.

Number Seven: Deadliest Submarine. The world’s deadliest submarine is the HMS Ambush. The sub is powered by a nuclear reactor that won’t need to be recharged for 25 years, and it can also hit targets from 1,200 miles away.

Number Six: Deadliest Volcano. The Yellowstone Caldera is a supervolcano that is underground at Yellowstone National Park. Though it’s not expected to erupt anytime soon, the last eruption recorded was 25,000 times larger than the eruption on Mt. Saint Helen’s in 1980.

Number Five: Deadliest Brain Eater. There’s an amoeba out there that, if allowed to enter your brain, has a 99% chance of killing you. The amoeba is called Naegleria Fowleri and enters your body by swimming up through your nose.

Number Four: Deadliest Christmas Gift. Don’t get your child the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab for Christmas! This toy came with radioactive material, so there’s no telling just what damage it was capable of causing.

Number Three: Deadliest Prison System. The world’s deadliest prison system is Vista Hermosa in Venezuela. The prison’s facilities were designed to hold 14,000 prisoners, but it usually holds around 45,000 prisoners at a time.

Number Two: Deadliest Mankiller. The deadliest thing that can bite you is the Brazilian wandering spider. This spider doesn’t bite just once – it bites repeatedly, and with each bite, it injects a killer neurotoxin that will slowly destroy your brain and body. What’s even worse is that its bite can cause men to get erections that last days and may lead to impotence.

Number One: Deadliest Sporting Event. Though sports, in general, can be very dangerous, the deadliest sporting event of them all is the Isle of Man TT, which is a motorcycle race that takes cyclists on hairpin turns. In just 100 years, there have been at least 240 documented fatalities as a result of this event.

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