Top 20 Things That Won’t Hesitate to Kill (Part 3)



Parts one and two of our list of the 20 deadliest things that won’t hesitate to kill really boggled your brain, and put impending doom into an entirely new perspective. If you haven’t yet got your fill, we are here to satisfy every last bit of your thrill-seeking, deadly exploration! We have finally returned with our part three article featuring the top seven deadliest-of-them-all things that won’t hesitate to kill!

Number Seven: The Deadliest Sporting Event. The Isle of Man TT is a thrilling motorcycle tourist trophy race, deemed to be the deadliest sporting event in the world. The course lines the steep sides of the Snaefell Mountain, leading to a large number of injuries and deaths. In the last 100 years, it has caused over 240 deaths on its own.

Number Six: The Deadliest Submarine. This submarine, the HMS Ambush, is designed precisely for what the name implies. With its detrimental and unique cruise missiles, the submarine has the technology and force to pursue a target at an impressive distance of 1,200 miles. It runs from the power of a nuclear reactor, capable of 25 years of self-maintenance. If so desired, it could circle the entire globe without surfacing.

Number Five: The Deadliest Volcano. The deadliest volcano resides right here at home in the United States. Unsurprisingly, it lies beneath Yellowstone Park: the Yellowstone Caldera. If all goes according to plan, the volcano shouldn’t be erupting any time soon. When it does, however, it is expected to have 25,000 times the impact observed by the Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980.

Number Four: The Deadliest Parasite. The microscopic world is only a creepy thought in the back of our minds, but this amoeba is an invisible murderer. It crawls up through the nasal passages to have a nice snack and kills 99% of its unlucky victims.

Number Three: The Deadliest Gift. The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab was a science kit for kids released in the early 1950s. It seemed to be a great gift for a while until parents learned that they were poisoning their kids. The kit included a supply of uranium-bearing ore, which produced a lot of tragic reactions.

Number Two: The Deadliest Prison. A Venezuelan has proved to be the most fatal, as crime rates have caused the facility to bite off more than it can chew. The structure was designed to hold a maximum of 14,000 inmates, however, the prison has uncomfortably squeezed in an unheard of number of over 45,000 inmates. The location is ridden with disease, and poor security leads many of the inmates to have weapons.

Number One: The Deadliest Spider. The Brazilian Wandering spider comes from the Phoneutria genus, which actually translates to Greek for “murderess”. The creature has an awful temper and is very likely to continue attacking its enemy until one of them dies. The venom is of the neurotoxic variety, but you will be begging for death upon the onset of its side effects. One of which is an erection that causes intense pain for as long as a week and has the ability to kill off all of your baby gravy. We hope you enjoyed our articles featuring the top 20 deadliest things in the world that won’t hesitate to kill!

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