Top 20 Things That Won’t Hesitate to Kill (Part 2)



Our part one article showed you the first six deadliest things that won’t hesitate to kill, and we can understand if nothing in the world seems quite the same anymore! The lives we live just keep becoming even more frightening and our next seven subjects are about to scare the bejeezus out of you. If you thought the first six were bad, wait until you see part two! Don’t forget to come back and read our part three article, featuring the top seven deadliest things in the world that won’t hesitate to kill!

Number Fourteen: The Deadliest Plane. The Warhawk is a ground attack plane bearing the heaviest machinery of any plane today. To make the structure even more intimidating, it is even decorated with a painted face on its nose, picturing a nightmare of a grimace. It is strapped with a 30mm Gatling gun capable of 4,000 rounds by the minute and is stocked with 16,000 pounds worth of explosives, bombs, and missiles.

Number Thirteen: The Deadliest Fishing Hole. If you feel like heading out for a fishing trip, every possible destination is better than Lake Karachai in Russia. The site is highly toxic, due to more than 60 years of Soviet nuclear dumping. In terms of toxicity level, it is the most polluted body of water on Earth. A person can fall dead from simply standing too close for too long.

Number Twelve: The Deadliest City. Honduras hosts the most fatal city in the world, named San Pedro Sula. Almost 20% of the city’s population has been killed by local homicides, resulting in the highest level of murders of any city.

Number Eleven: The Deadliest Hitchhiking. If you have become so desperate that hitchhiking is your only option, avoid hopping into a Nissan 350Z. It has the highest death rate of any other vehicle, causing an average of 143 fatalities per million register miles.

Number Ten: The Deadliest Gang. The Los Zetas Mexican gang is the largest and most threatening gang on the planet. Now working for the cartel, most of its members have deserted the Mexican army to fight against them, instead.

Number Nine: The Deadliest Killer. Every serial killer is deadly, obviously, but Luis Garavito has given the most fatalities. He is currently serving a 24-year prison sentence for his massive count of 140 victims. However, he is believed to have committed of 160 more than were proven.

Number Eight: The Deadliest Bird. Also the largest bird, the ostrich is quick to attack. The nine-foot bird has a terrible temper and is known to use its large, sharp claws to forcibly rip out the intestines of its unlucky observers. Don’t forget to come back and read our part three article, featuring the top seven deadliest things in the world that won’t hesitate to kill!

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