Top 20 Things That Won’t Hesitate to Kill (Part 1)



Don’t act surprised- we have all thought it: everything out there is going to kill us! Well, maybe not everything. However, these 20 things featured on our list won’t hesitate to kill you, and are considered the deadliest threats in the whole world. To find out if you should be more wary of these potentially fatal subjects, just keep on reading! Don’t forget to come back and read our parts two and three articles, featuring the top 14 deadliest things in the world that won’t hesitate to kill!

Number Twenty: The Deadliest Bullet. This particular bullet is called the 9mm jacketed hollow point. This bullet was specially designed for uniquely trained law enforcement with technology to make it more deadly. As the bullet pieces the skin, it begins expanding to further hinder its target.

Number Nineteen: The Deadliest Bridges. The worst state in America to cross a bridge is Pennsylvania. Of all of the bridges across the nation, statistics state that one of every nine are deemed to be “structurally unstable”. Of all of these defective bridges recorded so far, almost a fourth have been located in this state.

Number Eighteen: The Deadliest Airline. In the most recent 30 years, China Airlines has proven to be the most fatal. They have experienced the loss of eight total planes, leaving an astonishing total of over 750 deaths.

Number Seventeen: The Deadliest Road. Quite a unique sight to see, this road is actually a popular tourist attraction, despite its reputation. Located in Bolivia, this road has even been named The Road of Death. There are no safety measures in place on this road, and it wraps 40 miles around a 3,000-foot high cliff. Annually, about 200 people are lost over the edge.

Number Sixteen: The Deadliest Armpits. The Bornean slow loris is a unique animal, with a shocking and fatal ability. When the animal feels threatened, its armpits excrete a potent venom. The animal uses its hands to rub the venom over its teeth and bites its enemy for protection.

Number Fifteen: The Deadliest Dentist. Dr. Ingleman is responsible for the murder of seven patients, who he murdered for a monetary incentive. Of all his murders, his most gruesome act was the man whom he beat and threw down a well with a stick of dynamite. Don’t forget to come back and read our parts two and three articles, featuring the top 14 deadliest things in the world that won’t hesitate to kill!

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