Top 20 Fascinating Facts about Game of Thrones (Part 3)



Not long ago, we brought you parts one and two of this list of facts about Game of Thrones. We learned that, for instance, some of the elements of the show are inspired by real life equivalents. Here’s the third and final part of our list.

Number Six: The Show’s Night King and the Book’s Night King are Not Alike

Martin has made it very clear that they are two completely separate entities. That should clear up some confusion for you if you’re a fan who both read and watched the series.

Number Five: Martin Likes Sex More than Violence

The author receives a lot of backlash for how much sex he puts in the books. He points out how silly this is by saying that when he has a scene in a book about someone being brutally murdered with an axe, no one is offended, but sex, people send angry letters about, and that sex has brought people a lot more pleasure in the history of mankind than brutal murders have.

Number Four: Japanese Game of Thrones?

There exist a wide variety of fan versions of this show. One dedicated fan created traditional Japanese woodblock depictions of some of his favorite scenes from the series. Some of the characters on his wooden prints are re-imagined as medieval Samurais.

Number Three: The Disney Version

A couple of artists have recreated some Game of Thrones characters as Disney princesses, princes, and villains. These artists are named Fernando Mendonca and Anderson Mahanski.

Number Two: Game of Thrones Pokemon

Yes, this is a real thing. An artist named Cami Sanders has a Deviant art page featuring Pokemon sigils of various buildings from the TV show, and even sells t-shirts.

Number One: TFL Maps for Westeros

A graphic designer named Michael Tyznick has created maps to reflect the Game of Thrones world. In Westeros, take the ocean line from Lannisport to High Garden. Or in Essos, you can jump on the demon line all the way to Vaes Dothrak. We hope you enjoyed the third and last portion of our list of interesting facts about the TV show.

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