Top 20 Coolest Photos of the 21st Century (Part 3)



You have been eagerly awaiting our part three article of the top 20 best photos of the 21st century, and we are excited to tell you that it is finally here! We have analyzed each of the iconic events of the 21st century, ranked them, and compiled them into a fun list just for you! To finally discover what we have deemed to be the top seven best photos of the 21st century, just keep on reading! You might even learn something new!

Number Seven: Kittens in a Basket

Also in 2011, Pakistan endured such a devastating flood that water levels were chest-high, as can be seen in this picture. Moved by his humanity, this man travelled through the water to save the kittens in this basket from their watery doom.

AP / Biswaranjan Rout
AP / Biswaranjan Rout

Number Six: Mars Selfie

As technology consumed our daily lives, selfies became an increasing trend in 2012. The most notable of all selfies taken this year can be seen above, taken on Mars by the U.S. rover, Curiosity.

Number Five: Front of the Ranks

As Russian citizens revolted the rule of Vladimir Putin in 2012, Russian police took their ranks to fend off the chaotic riots. In this photo, one brave boy on a bike stands between them and the crowds of protestors.

Julia Ioffe
Julia Ioffe

Number Four: Farewell Mandela Photos

In 2013, the world was haunted by the loss of one of its bravest and most iconic citizens. The entire population of the earth mourned with the family of Nelson Mandela as his funeral processed.

Number Three: Before and After

The Ukrainian revolution of 2014 brought tragic death and destruction in extensive locations, including the iconic Kiev’s Independence Square. This heart-stopping photograph brings the violence into perspective, showing a before and after image of the square.

REUTERS / Olga Yakimovich
REUTERS / Olga Yakimovich

Number Two: All Eyes to Colorado

All eyes were on Colorado in 2014, as the country made strides in legalizing marijuana in the U.S. The first of any state to do so, this photo shows the first legal sale of recreational marijuana in Colorado.

Number One: Supermoon Rises

As the supermoon emerged over the earth on September 28th in 2015, one English photographer poised the perfect shot. This image shows this rare moon over the hill of Glastonbury Tor in striking perspective. This is the closest the moon has come to the earth since 1982 and coincided with a lunar eclipse. This event will not be able to be witnessed again until 2033. We hope you really appreciated our list of the top 20 best photos of the 21st century!

CreditMatt Cardy / Getty Images
CreditMatt Cardy / Getty Images

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