Top 20 Coolest Photos of the 21st Century (Part 2)



The 21st century has proven itself to be unlike any other, and that is especially true in retrospect of the first six best photos of the century listed in our part one article. The see the remaining ranks for these iconic moments, all you have to do is keep reading! Below, we have finally presented our part two article, with the next seven best photos of the 21st century. Don’t forget to return for our final article, part three, revealing the top seven best photos of them all!

Number Fourteen: Stepping Back. Suicide risk Kevin Berthia stands over a bridge in 2005 as he battles with the urge to jump and end his life. He has overcome the event, and recently found his happiness after starting a family and become and advocate for suicide prevention.

John Storey / SFC
John Storey / SFC

Number Thirteen: Saturn’s Portrait. With the help of modern technology, a 2006 image captured by the Cassini spacecraft puts Saturn’s impressive stature into perspective. In the image, Earth is shown to the left of the planet’s rings.

Number Twelve: Reunited. As this 2007 photo captured news headlines and internet conversations, the heart of America tinged with emotion. It shows Terri Gurrola finally embracing her daughter after her seven-month tour of service in Iraq.

Louie Favorite / The Journal of Constitution / AP
Louie Favorite / The Journal of Constitution / AP

Number Eleven: Making a Change. In 2008, America witnessed an election that would forever mark the history books. Barack Obama won his presidency and served as the first African-American president that America has ever known, opening the doors to diversity in office.

Number Ten: The Hudson Crash. As the US Airways Flight 1549 experienced devastating engine failures in 2009, the world watched in anticipative horror. Astonishingly, the plane landed gracefully on the Hudson River, and every passenger made it home to their families. This photo shows the survivors finally evacuating the plane.

Number Nine: Real Sacrifice. Jaqueline Kiplimo amazed the world in the 2010 Zheng Kai marathon. She watched a disable participant struggle to get water in the run and backtracked to help him get a drink. She ran alongside him and sacrificed her first place victory and $10,000 prize in doing so.

Number Eight: Valiant Reward. As Egypt revolted against the Mubarak Government in 2011, chaos ruled the land as protestors rioted. One policeman made an effort to end the violence, refusing to shoot into the crowd of protestors, and received an appreciative kiss from this woman in thanks. Don’t forget to come back for our part three article, where we will rank the remaining seven of the best photos of the 21st century!

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