Top 20 Coolest Facts of All Time (Part 3)



Our first two sets of 13 of the coolest facts of all time really got your mind spinning, and we have finally returned to astound you even further with part three! If you pride yourself in being the master keeper of all of the world’s random knowledge, read on to discover the final seven coolest facts we have found for you, here in part three!

Number Seven: A Hairy Periodic Table

If you were to search for the smallest periodic table on Earth, you would find it in a rather odd location: a single strand of human hair. This odd souvenir was created with the aid of an ion beam microscope, and was given to a college professor as a gift.

Number Six: The Coolest Burp

The record for the loudest burp in history is held by a man of the name Paul Hunn. The man’s bodily gas was measured to be so loud that it measured the same as thunder- about 109.9 decibels.

Number Five: Washington’s True Colors

Today, we see George Washington as the white-haired hero who fathered our country. Believe it or not, old George’s stylish hair-do was just a trendy wig popular in his time. Originally, the man was born a ginger with bright red locks of hair.

Number Four: Bouncing Glass

Oddly enough, a ball made completely from glass has more potential bounce than a rubber one. Provided it doesn’t break, a glass orb dropped from the same distance as a rubber ball of the same size will bounce higher.

Number Three: Water Decline

With all of the focus put on making daily life more environmentally friendly, we don’t often receive a pat on the back for a job well done. Remarkably, the modern United States world consumes about 20% less of the precious resource than it did in the year 1970- despite the population growth of roughly 100 million people. We’re doing a good job, guys.

Number Two: Repellant Magic

Regardless of the name “mosquito repellant”, this product doesn’t actually repel mosquitos. Rather, it works to block the sensors of the pesky bugs, making the wearer essentially invisible to the insects.

Number One: No Pants, No Show

Believe it or not, one of our favorite Disney characters was a big topic of controversy in Finland for the longest time. Because this angst-ridden character refuses to wear pants, cartoons that featured him were once banned in the country. We hope you enjoyed blowing your mind with the 20 coolest facts of all time!

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