Top 20 Coolest Facts of All Time (Part 2)



Our first set of six of the coolest facts of all time really got your mind spinning, and we have finally returned to astound you even further with part two! If you pride yourself in being the master keeper of all of the world’s random knowledge, read on to discover the next seven coolest facts! Be sure to return for our final part three, coming soon with the ultimate top seven coolest facts of all time!

Number Fourteen: Hitting the Target

Matt Stutzman is a 33-year old man who holds the record for the longest distance shot of an arrow that reached its target. Amazingly, this man accomplished this feat from a length of 230 yards. What is even more astonishing, he did this all hands-free, as he was born without arms.

Number Thirteen: White People Love their Rap

Since 1981, the main audience for rap music has been white teenagers. This group accounts for 60-80% of all of the sales in this industry.

Number Twelve: The Spicy Radish

During ancient times, there was quite a diverse array of options for crime punishment. For example, if you were to commit adultery or take part in homosexual actions in Athens in the 5th century B.C., you would be punished by means of Rhaphanidosis. In other words, you would be publicly violated with a spicy radish.

Number Eleven: A Perfect Circle

If you were to search for the most perfectly circular object in the universe, it would be as simple as looking at the sun. The only thing known to be as perfectly round as the sun is a man-made silicone ball.

Number Ten: On the Putting Green

Remarkably, it takes a large amount of water to keep golf courses in business. One average course requires roughly 312,000 gallons of water per day.

Number Nine: The Coolest Craps

To break the record for the longest winning streak at a craps table, you would need to roll the dice 155 times in a row- without losing once. This record was set by a woman from New Jersey who won consecutively for 154 rolls. The chances of anyone accomplishing this feat is estimated at one in 5.6 billion.

Number Eight: Barcode Magic

When it comes to scanning bar codes, most of us tend to assume that the black lines are what is read by the computer. However, it is actually the white space in between the black lines that tells the computers what action to take. Be sure to return for our final part three, coming soon with the ultimate top seven coolest facts of all time!

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