Top 20 Coolest Facts of All Time (Part 1)



If you really enjoy having your mind blown with the coolest facts available, you have certainly come to the right place! The world is full of astounding knowledge that you never even thought to learn, and we are here to provide you with some random and intriguing facts that you may have never thought about. If you pride yourself in being the master keeper of all of the world’s random knowledge, read on to learn more! Be sure to return for parts two and three, coming soon with the remaining 14 coolest facts of all time!

Number Twenty: The Smasher

Despite the size of the unique mantis shrimp, it can be an incredibly intimidating sea creature. The strike of the animal’s claws is estimated to reach speeds up to 52 miles per hour! At this speed, the surrounding water actually reaches boiling point and produces a bright light.

Number Nineteen: The Power of a Full Head of Hair

As we have all come to learn, the nature of human hair has some impressive potential. Scientists estimate that a full head of hair has the capabilities to support the weight of up to 12 tons- that’s two elephants worth of weight!

Number Eighteen: Nose Breathers

You may never notice this, but the nature of the nose causes us to breathe in more air through one nostril than the other at any given time. The cycle will rotate between the two nostrils every 30 minutes, due to the erectile tissue that fills with blood. This nature of our nose is also what makes it get runny or stuffy.

Number Seventeen: The Coolest Satellite

The technology available in today’s modern satellites is quite impressive. With the images obtained from these amazing devices, an object the size of an average plate can be viewed from a distance of 382 miles.

Number Sixteen: Santa’s Stats

We see the superior feats of Santa Claus as a simple matter of magic (in theory), but what if Santa were actually just a scientific genius? To accomplish the delivery of gifts to every home in the world, Santa would have to hit 822 houses by the second. Considering the Earth’s rotation and various time zones, this would require a sleigh that moves at 650 miles per second.

Number Fifteen: The Ugly Fruits

Within the United States, an estimated 40% of all grown produce goes unused; it is simply thrown away. This is caused by the rejection of these fruits and vegetables that are classified as “too ugly” to be sold in supermarkets. Be sure to return for parts two and three, coming soon with the remaining 14 coolest facts of all time!

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