Top 20 Acts of Altruism to Brighten Your Day (Part 3)



Our part one and part two articles on the top 13 acts of altruism to brighten your day hopefully gave you some happiness and maybe even made you smile. Kindness is contagious – get inspired! If reading about any of these outstanding acts promotes you to spread a bit of your own nice favors, then we have accomplished our goal. We have finally returned with part three, featuring the top seven acts of altruism to brighten your day!

Number Seven: To Save a Life. Going above the line of duty, one police officer makes an impressive gesture to a woman trying to commit suicide. As she stands over a ledge ready to jump, the officer handcuffs himself to her and tells her that she isn’t going down unless she wants to take him with her, and ended up saving her life.

Number Six: Priorities. While frantically running to catch a train that this man was about to miss, he paused to help a woman in need. He was moved by an older woman struggling down a flight of stairs as she was loaded with heavy baggage, and decided she was more important than his journey. He missed his train but helped the struggling woman to hers while he carried her baggage.

Number Five: A Time of Need. After the detrimental effect of hurricane Sandy, many people were stranded and feeling lost. One store put a bunch of electrical sockets outside their doors, offering it as a place for people to charge their phones and call their families during this trying time.

Number Four: A Favor for a Stranger. Feeling generous from a favor that was given to them in their time of need, one amazing anonymous person purchased a full set of new tires for a car that he noticed was desperately in need of new tires. He attached a note to the vehicle, informing them that they had a set of tires to replace their own, completely paid for, waiting at a local auto shop. The stranger only requested that the recipient pass on another favor to a stranger in need.

Number Three: Caught in the Fire. During a riot in Turkey, one unsuspecting dog was unlucky enough to find himself caught in the commotion. He was sprayed with tear gas during the protest, but the protesters help to wash out his eyes. By doing this, they saved the innocent dog’s sight.

Number Two: A Rewarding Experience. On her lunch break on an average afternoon, this woman decided to have lunch with a homeless man she noticed nearby. She saw that he was in need of a good meal, so she bought two entrees instead of her normal one. She sat with the man and offered the food to him in exchange for conversation.

Number One: Staying Dry. As one man parked his car, he noticed two older women who had just begun walking to their destination. It was raining heavily, and the man realized that it was a long walk to the store they were heading to. He removed an umbrella from a nearby table, carried over to the ladies, and offered to escort them on their walk. We hope you really appreciated our list of the top 20 acts of altruism to brighten your day!

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