Top 20 Acts of Altruism to Brighten Your Day (Part 1)



People aren’t always the most friendly of sorts, but luckily there are still people who prove that altruism still exists. The world can be a scary place these days, but these select 20 people show us that kindness is still out there in the cruel world. Acts of kindness are few and far between, and we believe that they should never go unrecognized; therefore, we have compiled this list to bring these outstanding citizens to the spotlight! Don’t forget to check back for our coming parts two and three articles, featuring 14 more acts of altruism to brighten your day!

Number Twenty: Tennis Ball Love. One dog lover decided to share the love he had left after the passing of his dog, Phoebe. To spread the memory of his best friend, he left a bin of tennis balls out on a dog beach. A sign instructed dog owners to take a ball and create a loving memory with their best friend like he used to do with Phoebe.

Number Nineteen: Bagels Up. One worker from a bagel shop devotes his time after work to feeding the homeless. He takes the leftover bagels unsold from the day and hands them out on the street instead of throwing them away.

Number Eighteen: Feline Friends. Upon the burning of her house, one woman had alerted firefighters that her cat had not come out of the house. After saving the woman, the firefighters could have easily called it. However, one brave man battled the flames in the house to save the woman’s best friend.

Number Seventeen: Anonymous Neighbor. Before getting into his car one day, a man came across a sign taped to a big plastic bag over his door. It was a note from an anonymous neighbor, alerting him that he had left his window open. The “neighborhood Gilligan” covered it for him to keep the car dry, and wished him a good day.

Number Sixteen: Train Trouble. After one woman had been trapped under a train that had toppled over in Japan, the aid of every bystander was called upon. The whole community of people around combined their manpower and managed to push the train off of the woman to save her life.

Number Fifteen: Take a Seat. While sharing an elevator ride with a sweet old lady, one man was so moved to help the exhausted woman that he offered his body as a seat. She seemed to obviously need a rest, so he crouched down and allowed her to sit on his back. Don’t forget to check back for our coming parts two and three articles, featuring 14 more acts of altruism to brighten your day!

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