Top 15 WTF Facts That Will Blow Your Mind (Part 2)



Recently we brought you part one of this astounding list of WTF facts, including the one about bad music being capable of raising lots of money, or some people taking video games way too seriously. Here is part two of our list.

Number Eight: Wifi from Space

There is a non-profit organization based in New York that has a big dream that will benefit all of us internet users. The company is called MDIF and plans to beam free Wifi all over earth, from space! That would be pretty amazing, and convenient.

Number Seven: Heavy Metal Rodents

A study was done once where mice were put in a maze and made to listen to heavy metal music. Instead of finishing the maze, they ended up killing each other. Apparently music really does affect mood drastically.

Number Six: The Bitter Ex-Husband

Divorce is never a fun affair, but some take it harder than others. In 2013, a man went through the trouble of buying a house right next door to his ex wife, for the sole purpose of installing a giant hand on the lawn flipping her the middle finger for her to look at every day.

Number Five: Night Owls vs. Morning People

Do you like to stay up late? Then you’ll probably like this fact. Certain research has suggested that night owls are typically more intelligent than people who like to go to bed early.

Number Four: Dead for Three Years, WTF?

This one is quite creepy. In 2006, a woman in London was found in her apartment after being dead for three whole years. Her TV was still running.

Number Three: Self-Replicating AIs

EngineersĀ have managed to build a machine that can replicate an improved version of itself. The unsettling thing is that they didn’t fully understand how the thing worked.

Number Two: The Man Who Dismantled the KKK

A man in Maryland is credited for undoing the KKK network of his state. He did this by befriending as many of the KKK membersĀ as possible, and even serving at one of their funerals.

Number One: Hitler and Peace

Believe it or not, these two words were not always known as opposites. In 1939, the famously brutal dictator was actually nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list.

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