Top 15 WTF Facts That Will Blow Your Mind (Part 1)



We live in a crazy world, where you hear about things every day that make you ask, “wtf?” We have found some of the most unbelievable of those crazy facts to tell you about in this list. Here’s part one.

Number Fifteen: A Middle Aged Man Attacked a Teenager…

…Over a video game. The unemployed 46 year old man grew frustrated when the 13 year old kid began gloating over his higher score, and proceeded to find him and put his hands around the kid’s neck. Luckily the boy’s mother was there to stop it from escalating too far.

Number Fourteen: The Sleepless Hungarian

In World War I, a man from Hungary was shot in the brain. The bullet entered his frontal lobe, and made it impossible for him to fall asleep. He is said to have lived a completely sleepless life after that point.

Number Thirteen: The Cheating Married Couple

A husband and wife from Bosnia began getting bored with each other and seeking out extramarital flings over the internet. In 2007, they discovered that each had been cheating on the other, with each other. 

Number Twelve: The Power of Music

Nearly everyone loves it, but did you know that it has extraordinary healing abilities? Not only can it aid in fixing brain damage, but music has also been proven to help restore lost memories.

Number Eleven: Future Zombie Apocalypse

Scientists say that the ever-popular fictional story of zombies taking over the world is technically possible, now that they have discovered a new species of brain parasite quite recently. Don’t start stocking up on non-perishable food and ammo just yet, though. At present, the parasite is only known to affect bugs.

Number Ten: The Bieber Fundraiser

A high school in Chicago came up with a clever method of raising money for a fundraiser. They played Justin Bieber’s Baby over a loudspeaker between classes and had the students pay to turn it off. The campaign raised a grand in about 3 days. Pretty smart!

Number Nine: Music Tastes Correlate with SAT Scores, WTF?

A study showed that people who claimed that Lil Wayne is their favorite artist scored the lowest on SATs. We hope you enjoyed part one of our list, check back soon for part two!

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