Top 15 Terrifying Facts You Won’t Believe (Part 1)



This world is a dangerous place to live. How dangerous, you ask? Well, just check out these 15 terrifying facts, and you’ll realize just how scary everyday life can be. Here, we present our list of the top 15 terrifying facts you won’t believe in two parts. Check out part one of our list below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon! You might be surprised (and amazed) by what you discover.

Number Fifteen: A Sneeze Can Kill You. Specifically, a suppressed sneeze can kill you. If you try to suppress a sneeze when you feel it coming on, you can cause a blood vessel in your head or neck to rupture. Ruptured blood vessels often lead to death.

Number Fourteen: A Dentist Invented the Electric Chair. Now there’s something to think about the next time you’re having your teeth cleaned!

Number Thirteen: Poison Is More Deadly Than You Realize. In fact, the fourth leading cause of death among children is poisoning! Remember, everybody – don’t let small children near toxic substances. Mostly because they will definitely, 100 percent try to put it in their mouths.

Number Twelve: You Won’t Go Unconscious If You’re Decapitated. Well, not right away. Your brain remains conscious for up to 20 seconds after the head is separated from the body. That’s enough time to feel pain and form several cogent thoughts before going unconscious!

Number Eleven: The World Is a Dangerous Place for Left-Handed People. More than 2,500 left-handed people die every year just by using products designed for right-handed people. Keep those lefty scissors to yourselves, lefties, because you never know when you might just need them!

Number Ten: There Is a Murder Every 23 Minutes. In the United States, someone commits a murder once ever 23 minutes. These means over 22,000 murders are committed in the United States every year.

Number Nine: It’s Dangerous to Work in Fast Food. More employees of fast food franchises are killed every year than police offers on the job. Despite the fact that police officers put themselves in the way of danger every day, it’s somehow more dangerous to fry potatoes and package processed meat.

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