Top 15 Ridiculous Facts of All Time (Part 2)



Back for more ridiculous facts? Don’t worry, we have plenty more head-scratching, mind-blowing factoids to kill your boredom! So read on, you might just learn something new!

Number Seven: Sharing the Watering Hole. As we all know, water is one of Earth’s most prized and limited resources. What you might not know is, using this logic, you are probably drinking the water that once passed through a dinosaur. Actually, the chances that a single glass of water today holds a water molecule that was ingested by our prehistoric ancestors is almost 100%.

Number Six: Stars and Sand. Counting the grains of sand on a single beach is an impossible feat. What’s more impossible than that? Counting every star in space. It’s estimated that all of the stars in space vastly outnumber every grain of sand on the planet Earth.

Number Five: Strawberry? Straw-not. Though a strawberry even contains the word “berry” in the name, it’s really just a lie. Strawberries, in terms of science, aren’t classified as berries because of the nature in which they grow. You know what is a berry? A banana.

Number Four: Speaking of Bananas… Humans have more in common with the much-loved banana than we realize. On a molecular level, humans share 50% of their DNA with the unique fruit. They are also fairly radioactive for a fruit.

Number Three: It’s Raining Diamonds. Though the existence of water on Saturn and Jupiter is still speculated, there is one valuable resource in excess on these planets. If you were to witness a rain shower on Saturn of Jupiter, it would be raining diamonds.

Number Two: The Camel Trade. The Middle East is known for camels, and Australia is known for kangaroos. Right? We beg to differ. Although Australia will always have their kangaroos, they seem to have it all. Saudi Arabia actually imports their camels from down under.

Number One: Scots Love Their Unicorns. Though commonly considered to be a myth, Scotland prizes the unicorn by naming it to be their national animal. They justify this decision with their national pride for the rich history of Scottish legends and magic. But have they ever seen one?

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