Top 15 Creepy Photos with a Story (Part 2)



If the first seven creepy photos in our part one articles didn’t quite fill your desire to be disgusted and baffled, don’t you worry one bit. We have finally returned for the premier of our part two article, revealing the scariest and most disturbing photos of the whole creepy bunch! To discover the thrills that this world of terror has to offer, just keep on scrolling.

Number Eight: Snapping Shots. One photographer had positioned this photo to capture the fog encompassing the bridge. In a few moments, he realized that what he had accidentally photographed was the first motion of a tormented couple’s leap to suicide over the edge.

Number Seven: In the Barn. This young woman is only one of the many victims taken by Robert Ben Roads. This ex-military man drove a “mobile torture chamber”, in which he picked up hitchhikers and murdered them. This picture, however, was taken in a barn in Illinois just before her death.

Number Six: The Red Car. This photo may seem like a normal shot, but all is not as it seems. Moments after this shot was taken, the red car to the side of the father and daughter exploded. Alerts were sent out that a car bomb had been placed, although there was an error in pinning its location. The photographer and 28 other citizens were killed, however the father and daughter did survive.

Number Five: Amityville Horror. The house pictured is actually the legendary Amityville House, which bore one of the most horrific events ever known. The photo was taken upon the house’s investigation after the incident, but that isn’t the weird part. A child is seen emerging from the door; however the investigation team recalls no children being in the house whatsoever. In the line of ghostly evidence, there is none more realistic than this.

Number Four: Scuba Diving. The couple shown here was enjoying their honeymoon, until these unexplained events occurred. The husband reached the boat that the two came off of, and alerted the people that his wife needed help. They found her dead at the bottom of the ocean. Before this, the couple was last seen “hugging” as the woman waved frantically. It is commonly believed, though unproven, that he had turned off her air regulator and drowned her.

Number Three: The Bloody Bash. This photo appears to be a normal party shot, but with deadly consequences. Only hours before the party, the boy pictured had murdered his parents just to throw it. He had attacked them with a hammer and stashed the bodies in their bedroom, before cleaning the bloody mess to prepare for the bash.

Number Two: Caught on Film. While spending time with his family, a Philippino politician decided to take a picture of them. Directly after, the man was shot and killed. However, he caught his murderer on film. He is seen in the far left holding up a gun, right as he pulled the trigger. This is the first time a victim has ever attained a photograph of his assassin.

Number One: Sketches. This young woman was raised in the barbaric compounds of a concentration camp. She was later admitted to a home for emotionally disturbed children, where this photo was taken in 1948. She was asked to draw her perception of home.

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