Top 15 Creepy Photos with a Story (Part 1)



We have been searching for you, and found the top 15 creepy photos complete with an explanation for their psychotic and even stomach-churning nature. As we delve into this horrifying visual adventure, please be advised that these photos can be quite disturbing in nature and may not be for our more gentle readers. Don’t underestimate it when we say that these photos are so creepy that you will get shivers down your back; maybe even something worse than that! Check back soon for our part two articles, with the top eight creepiest photos of all!

Number Fifteen: Bridella’s Murder. This picture was taken of serial killer Robert Bridella’s victim, Todd Stupes. He inflicted brutal torture on the poor man, most often daily electric shocks and anal penetration. From such abuse, Stupes was inflicted with a ruptured rectum. To cleanse the wound he caused, Bridella used animal antibiotics. He later injected Drano directly into Stupe’s eyeballs. Stupes was killed from his injuries, along with six other victims.

Number Fourteen: The Toddler. The toddler in this picture is a young boy, abducted by two ten-year-old boys in England. The poor young boy was tortured and murdered, however his murders have been since released. They received new identities still unknown today.

Number Thirteen: Forbidden Love.  This picture was taken in a hospital; the subject is Blanch Moinet. After falling for the charm of a man her mother did not approve of, the mother and Blanch’s brother had her locked in this room from age 25 to 49. The hell she lived daily was in a padlocked room with shuttered windows, and a large number of rats to keep her company. She was saved when authorities were tipped by an anonymous source.

Number Twelve: The Windmill. This photo depicts a windmill in Holland which tragically caught fire. Upon the onset of the fire, a maintenance crew of four people were working on the mill, 67 meters above the ground. Two of the workers explained to tell the sad tale, but the other two were trapped.

Number Eleven: Never Seen Again. This photograph was found mysteriously lying in a convenience store parking lot. The girl pictured was identified as Tara Calico, who had disappeared a year before it was found. Save for this photo, no clues to her disappearance exist to this day.

Number Ten: After the Eruption. This young girl was a resident of Columbia. After a volcanic eruption, she was trapped amidst tree branches and other debris. Here, she suffered for a total of three days, and died from hypothermia and gangrene.

Number Nine: A Cruel World. This malnourished boy lived in Sedan, where he endured a cruel life of constant starvation. Though his form is a sad sight, what’s even worse is the vulture in the background waiting to take his corpse. The photographer of this picture has become famous for this image, but killed himself roughly three months after he received a Pulitzer Prize for it. Check back soon for our part two articles, with the top eight creepiest photos of all!

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