Top 15 Cool Things Money Can Buy (Part 1)



There are lots of things we would all like to buy if we had the money. Here are 15 really cool items you’ll want to add to your wishlist. Some of them are actually affordable so take a look! Stay tuned for part two, coming soon.

Number Fifteen: Killer Whale Submarine

Ever dreamed of exploring the ocean AND scaring the hell out of people while you’re at it? Sounds like a dream… and it’s actually achievable! At least it is if you have $100.000 to spend on it.

Top 10 Coolest Things Money Can Buy (Part 2)

Number Fourteen: 15 in 1 Travel Hoodie

Traveling can be a nightmare sometimes. There’s so much you need to carry and so little space for it. But that won’t be a problem anymore—the Babaux ultimate travel jacket features 15 gadgets in one, including a drink pocket, sunglasses pocket, tablet pocket, earphone holders and a built-in neck pillow! The jacket is being kickstarted right now and will be launched very soon. Estimated price: $150.

Number Thirteen: Electronic Scooter Cooler

Perfect for barbecues, bonfire parties or as your daily means of transportation to and from work. There’s just no way to not look fresh and professional riding a mini fridge. Price starting at $569… what are you waiting for?

Number Twelve: Robotic Lawn Mower

Getting up early in the morning to deprive your neighbors of their precious sleep is a thing of the past. Now, the mower will do it itself! Just put a wire around your lawn and switch your lawnbott on, and the machine will do all the hard work. Average price: $872

Number Eleven: Solar Charging iPad Case

If you live in Seattle, this might not work for you. This solar-powered iPad/iPhone case extends its battery life to almost 10 days before you need to charge it again. It’s, most likely, the most practical item on this list: $189.95.

Number Ten: Mini Fridge Night Stand

There’s nothing wrong with having a mini fridge in your room (isn’t it the most exciting thing about hotel rooms?). But, sometimes, you just want it to blend in with the environment. That’s why the mini fridge end table was invented: $499.

Number Nine: 3 in 1 Jacket

The JakPak works as a waterproof jacket, sleeping bag and tent—all in one! The jacket design was created a while ago for camping purposes, and a similar raincoat is now being provided to refugees on their journey to Europe. The original JakPak was sold for $240.

Number Eight: Finger Scanning Deadbolt

It’s a normal lock that can also be unlocked with your fingerprints. There’s no need to carry a bunch of keys around anymore. You can get your own electronic fingerprint lock for about $240. Stay tuned for part two with seven more cool items you can buy, coming soon!

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