Top 14 Tips for a Road Trip Across the United States



Number One: First things first…food. Always make sure that you have tons of snacks in the car since you’ll be driving for hours on the highway and through desolate areas with no restaurants. Without snacks, I can guarantee that tempers will flare and emotions will run high, making the road trip an unpleasant experience.

Number Two: Next up, water. Water is just as important as food when it comes to a road trip. People are going to be just as thirsty as they are hungry, so make sure to keep a case of water bottles in the car at all times!

Number Three: Playlist. Before you actually embark on your road trip, make sure to create the perfect playlist. Fill your road trip playlist with fun, upbeat songs that you and your friends will love singing along to all day long.

Sasha Keenan /
Sasha Keenan /

Number Four: Hotels. Plan out which hotels you are going to stay in before you start your trip! It’s so much easier to enjoy a road trip if you already know where you’re sleeping each night. Find nice hotels with affordable rates and book your rooms in advance.

Number Five: Make sure your car is in good working condition before the trip. Change your oil, replaces your brakes, make sure the air conditioner functions, and do anything else that you believe is necessary in order to make the driving process go as smoothly as possible.

Number Six: Gas. Always check your gas tank and frequently fill it up. There’s nothing worse than running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, so be sure to keep your gas tank full at all times.

Number Seven: Be prepared with directions so you don’t get lost. Know which road you are on at all times and keep a map handy just in case you lose cell service and cannot use the GPS on your phone.

Number Eight: Never drive when you are tired. If you’ve been driving for a long time and you’re starting to drift to sleep, switch places with another passenger in the car and rest. Alternate drivers every few hours.

Number Nine: Cash. Keep cash in the front seat in case you encounter any toll roads on your route. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere simply because you can’t pass through a toll.

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Number Ten: Plan fun stops along the way. You don’t want to miss out on visiting the world’s largest cherry pie, fork, or strawberry on your road trip across the USA.

Number Eleven: Play fun road games. Long drives are always better if you play “I Spy,” “Fortunately-Unfortunately,” or “Who Am I?” so don’t be afraid to get a little silly with your friends.

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Number Twelve: No texting while driving! Always keep your eyes on the road even if you think there aren’t any other cars around you.

Number Thirteen: Items. Pack essential items such as proper clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, phone chargers, and anything else you feel is necessary for your road trip. Don’t leave anything behind!

Number Fourteen: Camera. Bring a camera and take pictures of everything! At the end of your road trip, you’ll want to look back at all the memories you’ve made, so be sure to capture every moment on camera.

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