Top 12 Craziest Military Parade Uniforms (Part 2)



Our part one article absolutely astounded you with the first set of seven craziest military parade uniforms, and now we have returned with part two! The uniforms in part one were surprising to say the least, but wait until you see our top eight! These uniforms are certainly something to behold, although we hope we won’t be seeing them again any time soon!

Number Six: Roman Military Parade. In the Roman Military Parade, Greek soldiers march through the street in their… uh, “unique” attire. We can only assume that these uniforms are traditional, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a pretty hilarious sight to see. From their tassel-bearing red caps to their open-sleeve dresses and white stockings, to their clogs that seem to be adorned with big, black pomp om balls, these soldiers are certainly unique. Although, we can’t help but wonder how they manage to keep such a straight face.

Number Five: Delhi Republic Day Parade. Those who partake in this parade wear dashing suits of white, brown, and yellow. They march with their right fist raised above their heads at all times. It all seems pretty normal and regal until you catch a glimpse of what looks like paper fans sprouting out of their hats.

Number Four: Russian May Parade Mini Skirts. Not many armies can pull of the mini skirt, but this group of fighting ladies does a darn good job of it! Clad in grey dress suits, these women march for miles in not only skimpy skirts, but black high heels as well. Ouch!

Number Three: Trooping the Colour. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are often the stars of the show when it comes to Trooping the Colour. The couple always looks ravishing in their carriage, although the Duke has chosen quite the unique head accessory. We can’t blame him; it is only tradition to wear this hat. Though, we can’t help but picture a buffalo being born from his scalp.

Number Two: Bastille Day Parade Aprons. Upon planning for a parade, it only makes sense to create uniforms that present soldiers in the most regal and impressive way possible. For the French Foreign Legion that marches on Bastille Day, apparently this look can only be attained with brown, one-shoulder aprons. They also carry axes over their shoulders, though we think they should be spatulas.

Number One: Valentino Carabinieri. These Italian officers appear to be quite the distraught bunch, although we would imagine that anyone would be upset displaying a big pomp om ball on their head. The form-enhancing suits come off rather dashing, accessorized with colorful sashes and classic shoulder guards. These uniforms, designed by Valentino, are ultimately a hit until you see the off-putting headwear. Hope you enjoyed our list of the top 12 craziest military parade uniforms!

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