Top 12 Craziest Military Parade Uniforms (Part 1)



Parades are certainly a public spectacle of fun and unique sights, but these 12 craziest military parade uniforms are sure to make you laugh! These uniforms were designed with some interesting concepts and objects in mind though we really have to wonder what was going through their heads as these costumes were created. Even more, we simply can’t imagine the thoughts of the people who had to wear them! Read on to see the craziest uniforms that ever strut through parades, and don’t forget to come back for our coming part two article to see the top eight most entertaining military parade uniforms of the whole list!

Number Twelve: Chinese Air Hostess Army. These stunning ladies display their pride in parades by strutting in light blue dress uniforms. Complete with white go-go-like boots and black berets, this rifle-bearing ladies are an impressive sight indeed. Although, despite the name, they aren’t really air hostesses (thankfully); they are female soldiers in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Number Eleven: North Korean Army of Klebs. Also a set of impressive ladies, these women march in line clad in uniforms resembling the suits worn by telegram operators in the forties. Their outfits are dark brown and official, but still show a little leg to embrace their womanly ways.

Number Ten: Iranian Military Parade. In this unique parade, soldiers are wrapped up in complete camouflage with their rifles. Green fabrics in what appears to be fringes hang from these men head to toe. While their ensembles can be rather intimidating (and effective), we have to imagine they don’t get much of an air flow with all that marching.

Number Nine: Taiwanese SEAL Parade. These soldiers parade in outfits equivalent to what a Navy SEAL might wear. They have form- fitting black body suits with goggles and even painted faces to simulate our SEALs. It’s just an imitation, but it sure is an odd one.

Number Eight: Painted Azerbaijan Military. Also strutting around with painted faces is the army in the Azerbaijan military parade. Their attire comes off as normal at first; camouflage suits, electronic gear, caps, and guns are all understandable. However, what really catches you by surprise is the face paint. Meant to appear as a match to the suit, these soldiers bear faces of all shades of blue. We wonder how long it takes for them to get every face up to standard.

Number Seven: Iranian Police Parade. In this parade, the Iranian police display quite an intimidating get-up. Heavy body suits bear all the pockets and utilities you might expect to see on the SWAT team, however the heads of these men are covered in what we can only describe as thin ski masks. Creepy, huh? The uniforms in our part one list were surprising to say the least, but wait until you see the top eight in our part two article, coming soon!

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