Top 11 Mind-Blowingly Beautiful Lakes Around the World



Lakes are one of the world’s most underrated bodies of water. While oceans, seas, and even tributaries get all the attention, lakes sit quietly behind them, unnoticed. Well, we’re about to change all of that. Here, we present our list of the 11 most stunningly beautiful lakes around the world. Ready for a peaceful, serene adventure? Check out the list below!

Number Eleven: Flathead Lake – USA

Montana’s Flathead Lake holds the special distinction of being the largest body of water in the United States – quite the way to kick off our list! Not only is it the largest in the United States, but it’s also the most transparent lake in the entire world.

Number Ten: Lake Baikal – Russia

Another lake with a special distinction, Lake Baikal in Russia is the world’s deepest lake. This lake is also very important to the Russian economy – it supplies 90 percent of the country’s fresh water!

Number Nine: Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

It’s not technically one lake, but the Plitvice Lakes are one of the most beautiful sights to see in person. The lakes are located in one of eastern Europe’s oldest national parks, and the area is so well-kept that bears and wolves can still be spotted roaming around.

Number Eight: Spotted Lake – Canada

We guarantee you won’t forget this lake when you visit. The lake gets its names from the “spots,” seen below. However, those spotsĀ are actually a product of the natural minerals found in the water, including magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium, silver, and titanium. The water is also rumored to be quite medicinal.

Number Seven: Crescent Lake – China

China’s Crescent Lake is one of the last remaining true oases. And it’s worth visiting sooner rather than later! Each year, the lake loses a little bit of its water, so it might be gone before you know it.

Number Six: Loch Ness – Scotland

Home to the infamous monster, Scotland’s Loch Ness is much more than another place to visit just to say you’ve been there. You probably won’t see Nessie while you’re there, but you will definitely catch some gorgeous views.

Number Five: Lake Louise – Canada

The picture might be jaw-dropping, but in person, it’s even better! Lake Louise, located in Alberta, Canada, is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and forests that make both the lake and its surroundings quite breathtaking to experience.

Number Four: Lake Bled – Slovenia

Lake Bled might sound a little morbid, but in person, it’s anything but. Thousands of tourists visit Slovenia each year just to marvel at the pristine beauty that Lake Bled has to offer.

Number Three: Lake Windermere – England

Lake Windermere is one of England’s premiere destinations in the autumn months. Not only is the surrounding foliage absolutely stunning, but there are also museums for children and adults alike to enjoy.


Number Two: The Dead Sea – Israel, Jordan, Palestine

What?! A sea on a list of lakes?! In reality, The Dead Sea isn’t a sea at all – it’s a lake. It’s the saltiest body of water in the world and is believed to have healing properties as well.

Number One: Lake Retba – Senegal

Finally, number one on our list of the world’s most beautiful lakes is Lake Retba, located in Senegal. No, we didn’t Photoshop that picture below – that’s really how the lake looks! Blooming algae change the color of the water from blue to a pinkish scarlet that is beyond mind-blowing to see in person. Thanks for reading!

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