Top 11 Logos With Hidden Meanings



Logos are paramount to a company’s success, but a lot of people don’t realize just how paramount they can be. Companies pour thousands of dollars and hours of time into perfecting a logo, and often, it pays off. Many companies use their logos to transmit more information than just the company’s name; sometimes, logos even have hidden meanings. In light of that, we compiled a list of the 11 logos with the most interesting hidden meanings. Check it out below.

Number Eleven: Toblerone Chocolate Logos

Everybody knows that the best chocolate comes from Switzerland. Look above, and you’ll see a bear in the right mountain above the word “Toblerone.” The mountains are supposed to be located in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Bern was founded by Duke Berchtold V, and the story goes that Berchtold swore to name the city after the first animal he saw. He allegedly saw a bear and named the city Bern (similar to the Swedish word for bear).

Number Ten: Baskin Robbins. Baskin Robbins’ motto is “31 flavors for every day of the month.” Look up, and you’ll see a distinction in the logo’s colors. The pink in the “BR” clearly displays the number “31,” a symbol of all the chain’s flavors.

Number Nine: Formula 1. The popular racing company’s logo is simple, but look a little harder. The white space between the black “F” and the red racing stripes clearly forms the number “1” in blocked lettering. It is subdued and elegant.

Number Eight: Vaio. This one’s for the tech nerds. Look at how the “V” and “A” of Vaio form a wave; this wave represents an analog wave or audio signal. Similarly, the “I” and “O” of Vaio appear to be a “1” and a “0,” representing binary language.

Number Seven: Toyota. The iconic logo for the car company is assumed by many to be a cowboy hat, but here comes a history lesson. Toyota was originally involved in sewing machine manufacturing, giving a whole new perspective to the logo, which is actually a piece of string being thread through the eye of a needle. As an added bonus, you can deconstruct the logo to form the word “Toyota.” How about that?

Number Six: Continental. This hidden message is a little more subtle. Look at the “C” and “o” in “Continental,” and you’ll see the shape of a tire – the product that the company manufactures.

Number Five: Pinterest. Pinterest is widely popular with younger generations, so it’s no surprise that there’s an easter egg in its logo. Look at the “P,” and you’ll notice its leg is especially pointed. This is supposed to represent a needle, there to symbolize the act of “pinning” something onto your profile.

Number Four: Hyundai. The hidden meaning in Hyundai’s logo doesn’t require a lot of interpretation. The Korean car company used the “H” in Hyundai to display two men shaking hands – perhaps symbolizing the good relationships the company wants to establish with its consumers

Top 11 Logos With Hidden Meanings

Number Three: Amazon. Look below the lettering, and it’s pretty clear what’s happening. Though the orange line appears at first to be an arrow pointing from “a” to “z,” it in fact forms an upturned smile.

Number Two: LG. The main symbol of LG is the circle with a smiling man in it. However, with just a few quick adjustments, that “man” becomes “pac-man.” Check it out in the gif above.

Number One: Coca-Cola. Between the “c” and the “o” of “cola” lies a curious geographical nod to Denmark. In fact, the circled section above shows what appears to represent the Denmark flag. Though it’s unclear whether Coca-Cola did this on purpose, advertising agency McCann Copenhagen was able to use the hidden meaning to its advantage, setting up an interactive ad in an airport that dispensed Denmark’s flag to visitors.

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