Top 10 Youngest American Billionaires (Part 2)



The amazing feats of the first five youngest American billionaires in our part one article certainly made you jealous, but you are about to turn green with envy when you see our top five! We have finally returned with our part two article to reveal the most determined (and rich) youngsters who made their financial dreams come true. To find out how they did it, just keep on reading!

Number Five: Elizabeth Holmes. Worth: $4.5 billion. We can fully appreciate the contributions of Miss Elizabeth Holmes, especially as she is the only female on our list. This entrepreneur has studied chemical and electrical engineering and has moved on to found Theranos, for which she is also a CEO. This laboratory performs an array of medical and health studies for the progression of science and chemical engineering.

Number Four: Scott Duncan. Worth: $7 billion. Scott Duncan is indeed one of the youngest legal billionaires in the country, at the age of 32. However, he didn’t really have to do much more than be born to receive his fortune. Duncan is one of the three heirs of Enterprise Products, being born to Dan Duncan. After his death, he inherited the billions and further invested it to grow.

Number Three: Jan Koum. Worth: $7.6 billion. Jan Koum got his start working as a developer for Yahoo but ultimately hoped to work for Facebook. At age 35, he developed an app of his own creation called “WhatsApp” after being rejected by Facebook multiple times. However, once Zuckerberg caught wind of his highly successful app, he invited Koum to his board and bought the rights to the app for $19 billion.

Number Two: Dustin Moskovitz. Worth: $8.1 billion. In a team of Dustin Moskovitz along with Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes, the revolutionary Facebook social media website was born. The concept proved ultimately successful, however, Moskovitz left this company in 2008 to pursue the creation of Asana with Justin Rosenstein.

Number One: Mark Zuckerberg. Worth: $34 billion. It isn’t surprising that Mark Zuckerberg would top our list; he has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern day by the youngest age. After Facebook launched in 2004, the website designed by Zuckerberg was an instant success. It is possibly the most popular social media websites in the whole world and has earned him a large fortune by the age of 25. We hope you enjoyed our articles on the youngest American billionaires!

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