Top 10 World’s Craziest Observation Decks



Observation decks are, more often than not, quite vertiginous and stimulating. Daring architects, sometimes, decide to take the concept to another level, creating dramatic and rather terrifying structures. These are some of the craziest, scariest skywalks and observation decks in the world. How many of them would you dare step on?

Number Ten: AlpspiX Viewing Platform – Germany

3,281 feet above the valley in Germany’s Alpspitze mountain sit two 79 feet-long, steal beam platforms forming a hovering X. At the end of the structure, visitors reach a glass wall from where to observe the breathtaking panoramic view of the snow-capped cliffs.

Number Nine: EdgeWalk CN Tower – Canada

The EdgeWalk is an insane attraction that allows visitors to walk around the rooftop on top of Canada’s tallest structure—Toronto’s CN Tower. Standing at 1,168 ft above the ground, with no walls surrounding the platfrom, this is not a deck for the faint of heart. Visitors are tethered to an overheard safety rail and guided through the circular structure.

Number Eight: Willis Tower’s Observation Decks – Chicago

The Willis Tower Skydeck (also known as The Deck) consists of four glass-walled boxes attached to the building at 1,353 feet, on the 103rd floor. The view from these transparent observation decks stretches 50 miles. On a clear day, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan can be seen on the horizon.

Number Seven: Cliffwalk – Canada

Located at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in beautiful Vancouver, this heart-stopping cliffwalk, located 230 ft above the river, provides guests with impressive views of the lush rainforest. Some parts of the bridge are completely built in glass for an even more intimidating experience.

Number Six: Top of Tyrol – Austria

At 1,053 feet, this is one of the tallest hanging platforms on this list. Top of Tyrol is a top attraction in Austria with spectacular views of the range (over 103 peaks can be seen.) Not too far from here sits another impressive lookout—the Five Fingers Viewing Platform, in the Dachstein Mountains.

Number Five: Grand Canyon Skywalk – Arizona

The famous U-shaped, glass-floored Grand Canyon Skywalk, near the Colorado River, stands some 400 feet above the ground and projects about 70 feet from the edge of the cliff. The Hualapai Tribe-managed platform is the most popular attraction in the national park.

Number Four: Skywalk X – China

Macau’s Skywalk X looks very similar to that of Toronto’s CN Tower. Visitors can also walk around the structure while attached to a rail. However, those who don’t get an adrenaline rush by hand-free walking 764 feet above the ground can also climb and bungee-jump from the Chinese tower!

Number Three: Dachstein Stairway – Austria

Also known as the Stairway to Nothingness (for a reason,) this vertigo-inducing suspension bridge and glass platform takes tourists 14 steps down into the abyss, with a 1,300 ft drop to the mountain floor! Only the bravest dare cross the hovering bridge and walk down the stairs.

Number Two: Step into the Void – France

The name says it all. This glass cube overlooking the French Alps offers a 360º view of the mountain range over a 3,300 ft precipice. The dramatic attraction can be accessed via a 20-minute cable car ride to the peak.

Number One: Aurland Lookout – Norway

Norway’s futuristic Aurland Lookout towers some 2,000 feet above the valley, with impressive views of the green scenery surrounding the attraction. The wooden structure blends perfectly into the environment, and concludes with a glass wall that prevents tourists from falling off the skywalk. The abrupt, slide-looking drop feels just like riding a roller coaster. Thanks for reading!

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