Top 10 Weirdest Items Found Under a Bed (Part 2)



You were disgusted and even confused by our first article of the weirdest things found under a bed, and we have five more to make you cringe, gasp, and shudder. If you thought the first five things were weird, wait until you see the top five!

Number Five: The Most Expensive Violin. The Vieuxtemps Guarneri is perhaps the world’s most prestigious violin, built by the renowned Italian crafter of instruments, Giuseppe Guarneri, in 1741. It has been nicknamed “the Mona Lisa of violins” for its impressive quality, it has been played by only the world’s most talented violinists and is valued at over $16 million. Remarkably, this reputable instrument was found under the bed of one of its great previous owners, more than 50 years after his passing.

Number Four: A Meth Addict. Coming home to their condo, the O’Neil family was terrified when they found that their home looked as if it had been hit by a hurricane. Messes were made all over the condo, but valuables and cash were left untouched. Police were unable to find any fingerprints and left, only to return a few moments later when the O’Neil family called them back about strange noises under the bed. It turned out to be a meth-addicted woman, armed with a knife.

Number Three: Escape Tunnels. Pursuing the arrest of a known meth dealer, local police knocked down the door of Shane Cox in Georgia. When the home was searched, however, Cox was nowhere to be found. What they did find was a six-foot tunnel hidden beneath a tanning bed, leading to an extensive set of tunnels and rooms where he often hid from the law. He had escaped for the moment but was arrested days later at a Dollar Store while buying ingredients to make more of the drug.

Number Two: A Corpse. Upon checking into their hotel room, one couple was overwhelmed with a powerful odor. After hours of inability to sleep from the power of the smell, the couple called the front desk about their issue. Upon inspection, the couple had discovered that they had been trying to sleep atop the rotting corpse of a young girl, shoved between the mattresses.

Number One: A Prostitute. Life can get pretty dull in an assisted living facility, but this man sure knew how to keep things interesting. Ability to leave the facility wasn’t a privilege given to all of its residents, so this man decided to make a little profit. He would buy alcohol and sell it at an upcharge to residents unable to purchase it for themselves. With the money he made… well, let’s just say it didn’t take long before police found a naked prostitute under his bed.

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