Top 10 Weirdest Coincidences in History (Part 2)



Our part one article with the first five weirdest coincidences in history really made you wonder if fate really does have a say in the happenings of the universe. While these coincidences were insanely ironic, our part two is even better! If you thought the first set were mind-boggling, just wait until you see the top five weirdest coincidences in history, waiting for you below!

Number Five: Halley’s Comet. Mark Twain left his legend behind as he died at the age of 74. The weird part, though, is how it all happened. When Twain was born in 1835, his birth occurred on the day of the appearance of Halley’s comet. On the day after Halley’s Comet passed over Earth once again in 1910, Twain suffered a heart attack and died. The weirdest part is that he claimed his hope for this event a year earlier; somehow, it all happened the way he had hoped.

Number Four: Titan Ship. The Titan was a well-known ship from the novel of Morgan Robertson, Futility. In his book, this ship hit an iceberg and sunk, just as The Titanic did. Ironically playing out the events of the book, The Titan did sink after hitting an iceberg, killing almost all of its guests. It even happened in the month of April- as predicted by the book as well.

Number Three: Ironic 21. French King Louie the 16th had quite a record for 21 being his unlucky number, as it was later proved by the events of his life. Remarkably, he had been warned by an astrologist as a child to beware the 21st day of each month, as this would prove to be a “bad timeframe” for him. Until revolutionary times, he refrained from doing anything of significance on the 21st. Despite his caution, he and his wife were arrested in 1791- June 21st to be exact. On September 21st, 1791, the French system came tumbling down, followed by King Louie’s execution on January 21st, 1793. Sounds like astrology might be worth looking further into.

Number Two: Richard Lawrence Failed Assassination. Andrew Jackson must have had some unfinished business as Richard Lawrence took an attempt on his life in 1835 in a bar fight. Armed with two pistols, Lawrence uncovered the first and took a clear shot at Jackson, but the gun didn’t shoot. Jackson started the fight to make his escape; however, Lawrence pursued him a second time. He uncovered the second pistol, which astonishingly also wouldn’t shoot. Lawrence was arrested, and officials inspected the pistols only to find that nothing was wrong with them.

Number One: Tamerlane. Tamerlane was the name of a warlord in ancient times, famous for his ingenious war strategies and control; he was notorious for bringing death to over 17 million people. For his reputation, he earned an impressive amount of adoration from Joseph Stalin. Stalin decided to enter the forbidden tomb of the warlord, and found an engraving within his tombstone that read “Whoever opens my tomb shall unleash an invader more terrible than I”. The very same day, the Germans proceeded to invade Soviet territory. Stalin replaced the corpse of Tamerlane roughly a year later, and the Germans just happened to retreat around the same time. We hope you enjoyed our ranking of the weirdest coincidences in history!

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