Top 10 Weirdest Coincidences in History (Part 1)



Odd occurrences happen all the time, and they really make us wonder if we have stepped into a mysterious game of fate, or if they are simply the weirdest coincidences in history. We can’t promise that we can read what the bigger picture has in store, although we can certainly entertain you and boggle your mind. Keep reading to discover the crazy coincidences that happened to these people! Also, don’t forget to come back soon and see out part two article, with the top five weirdest coincidences in history!

Number Ten: Umberto’s Curse. The year 1900 marked the end of Italian King Umberto I. However, on the day before his assassination, the king decided to indulge in a nice dinner at a restaurant in Monza. Oddly enough, the owner of the restaurant looked just like Umberto, and shared his name! Even weirder, his wife shared the name of the queen, and the restaurant was opened on the king’s inauguration day. They had seemed to live similar lives, and also shared the same end: King Umberto I was shot the following day, as was Chef Umberto.

Number Nine: JFK Assassination. The assassination, a tragic event in American history, would have never been possible if Lee Harvey Oswald did not succeed in getting a job at a book depository in Texas. The building that housed the depository was right across the street from where Kennedy was to be shot, which gave him the opportunity to plan the attack. If he had not attained the job only a month beforehand, things may have turned out quite different.

Number Eight: Booth Family. We are all familiar with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln though not many of us are aware of the day that Lincoln’s son was heroically saved. Upon travelling in New Jersey, Robert Lincoln had fallen onto the tracks of an oncoming train. He was frozen in shock but luckily was saved by a Mr. Edwin Booth. Ironically, this was the brother of the John Wilkes Booth who would soon kill Robert’s father, Abraham Lincoln.

Number Seven: Archduke Ferdinand Assassination. Causing the onset of World War I, there is no death more infamous than that of Archduke Ferdinand. His assassin was Bosnian extremist Gavrilo Princip, who had actually tried to murder Ferdinand previously, but failed. After leaving a café, Ferdinand’s driver accidentally turned the wrong way, and this caused Princip to spontaneously shoot both Ferdinand and his wife. All because of a bad driver.

Number Six: James Dean’s Mysterious Car. We all remember the sad day in which the life of James Dean was tragically taken from him after an accident in an expensive Porsche. However, after this event, the mysterious vehicle seemed to be almost cursed as it continued to claim victims. As the busted car was being dissected for parts, its engine fell out unexpectedly and took off the leg of one of the mechanics. The engine was then purchased by a doctor, shortly before he put it in his race car and crashed to his death as well. In addition, a body shop decided to put the infamous car back together. After they did this, the shop was set ablaze by an unknown cause. After this event, the reassembled car was put on display at a museum, where it slipped and broke a teen observer’s hip. Finally, the vehicle died as it was found mysteriously dismantled into 11 pieces. Yikes! Don’t forget to come back soon and see out part two article, with the top five weirdest coincidences in history!

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