Top 10 Violent Prisons on Earth (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of our list of the top 10 violent prisons on earth, and now we’re back with part two! Check out five more of the world’s worst places to spend a jail sentence below. You might be surprised (and horrified) by what you find out!

Number Five: Diyarbakir Prison. Located in southeastern Turkey, Diyarbakir prison opened in 1980 and quickly became one of the most hellish detention centers for criminals. Blood stains cover the prison floors and walls, and many prisoners there are eventually tortured to death. Some prisoners have even gone so far as to set themselves on fire so they can escape.

Number Four: Cotonou Civil Prison. Cotonou Civil Prison is located in the small African country of Benin, and it houses 2,400 prisoners. What’s astonishing about this is that the prison was built to house just 400 prisoners. The prison is so overcrowded that prisoners have been forced to sleep in shifts, and some prisoners have died of suffocation in their sleep.

Number Three: ADX Florence Supermax Prison. ADX Florence Supermax is located in Florence, Colorado, and is supposed to house the most dangerous criminals in the United States. The prison has the best security in the country, and in fact, many prisoners end up committing suicide because of the intense isolation they are subjected to as a prisoner. Prisoners have no interactions with anybody – including guards – at ADX Florence Supermax.

Number Two: Tadmor Prison. Located in Syria, Tadmor prison is home to both political prisoners and actual criminals. The guards there are so sadistic that they often torture inmates as a form of entertainment. Though the prison closed in 2001, when it reopened in 2011, few improvements were made, and the torture of prisoners continued.

Number One: Gitarama Central Prison. Located in Rwanda, Gitarama Central Prison has some of the worst conditions for prisoners in the world. There are no cells in the prison, meaning prisoners can get away with all sorts of violent acts. When prisoners aren’t beaten to death, they usually die of disease or starvation. The prison is also so overcrowded that many prisoners are forced to sleep on the floors or underneath beds.

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