Top 10 Toys You Should Keep Away From Kids (Part 1)



Toys are made for the fun and stimulation of children, but these shocking toys should have never been given to kids. Or even made, as a matter of fact. It is hard to believe that these crazy devices were designed as the intention of a child’s play thing. Read on to see these shocking ten toys you should never give your kids. Be sure to check back for Part 2, coming soon!

Number Ten: Pole Dancing Barbie. Barbie is the first role model for many young kids; we have watched as she has conquered almost every career, from doctor to teacher, to astronaut, to… stripper? This product actually made it to shelves, just before being quickly retracted. More power to the “empowered” women but no one wants that for their kids.

Number Nine: Harry Potter Quidditch Broom. Although seemingly normal, this particular toy has some hidden design flaws. To the dismay of many parents, this Quidditch Broom comes equipped with a vibrating feature. Yeah… not the best idea. One creatively disturbed man on Amazon gained a lot of attention after redesigning the broom into an actual sex toy for his girlfriend.

Number Eight: Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan. This is one of those toys that wasn’t quite thought through. The Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan has a special feature that allows him to karate chop his enemies. The downfall? Well, his karate chop isn’t very convincing. Because of this feature and how it appears, the doll has been nicknamed the “self-pleasuring Tarzan doll”. The worst part? The jungle yell that accompanies it.

Number Seven: Baby’s First Baby. Baby’s First Baby allows any young child to practice parenting for themselves. However, it gets creepy when you figure out that your kid’s toy baby doll… is pregnant. It gets even better when you find out that they come in twin sets, too. There’s something just totally wrong about giving your baby a pregnant baby.

Number Six: L&M Import 911 Plane. This toy set either has a major design flaw or a sick sense of humor. A company by the name of List-Corp ordered a large number of small toys from a company called L&M to put in bags of candy; however, they should have done their research. When the toys arrived, they depicted a plane between two tall skyscrapers. An accident? The label marking the product number “9011” begs to differ.

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