Top 10 most surreal places in the world



Salvador Dali once said “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.” So what is Surrealism? An artistic movement? A cultural development? Surrealism embraces the idea of ones unconscious aspirations. In other words, things we want that we don’t know we want. For example, Surrealists encourage people to dig deep into their unconscious mind, searching for that special kind of creativity that they never knew they had. Luckily our planet is full such surreal places and not only are they ridiculously beautiful but something that you never knew existed. So, lets take a look a the ten most surreal places in the world.

Number Ten: Lake Natron, Tanzania

A salt and soda lake close to the Kenyan Border. Lake Natron looks like it belongs on planet Mars. With a toasty temperature often above 40 °C (104 °F). Lake Natron is not your average watering hole. The deep red glow of the lake is due to the high levels of evaporation which causes the water to color.

Number Nine: The Wave, Arizona

You would think Dali had just painted it himself. The Wave is actually a sandstone rock formation near the Arizonian border. The intertwining ridges and sloped edges are the result of erosion from the Jurassic period. Hikers flock around the world wishing to visit and attempt the difficult climb.

Number Eight: The Surreal Frozen Waves, Antarctica

Speaking of waves. The frozen waves of Antarctica are actually a result of melting and not freezing as commonly thought. Basically just a large ice cube in the sky and not a wave frozen mid swoosh. However that’s not to say that the frozen icebergs aren’t absolutely jaw droopingly beautiful.

Ejosh Carr / National Geographic
Ejosh Carr / National Geographic

Number Seven: Fly Geyser, Nevada

Remarkably similar to that of something from Game of Thrones. Fly Geyser is a man-made vent in the Earth’s surface. Although not entirely natural, the Geyser was accidentally created by drilling. Located on a private Fly Ranch is extremely difficult to reach due to the seclusion of the spot.

Number Six: Prada Marfa, Texas

Standing alone in the middle of the desert, the Prada Marfa is an artistic stance with the unique motive of ‘degrading back into the natural landscape’. With some even believing it to be a trap sent by the aliens above it is more likely to be just a normal piece of work in the middle of nowhere.

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Number Five: Umpherston Sinkhole, Australia

Just a regular run of the mill average sinkhole, the Umpherston sinkhole also has a softer side. Resembling a beautiful sunken dream that is filled with animals and exotic plants. It now acts as an eye to the heavens above. Rather than the planet earth you think you are residing on.

Number Four: Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

In stark contrast to the heavenly sinkhole. The door to hell is the complete opposite. Also known as the The Crater of Fire or The Gates to Hell. The burning crater is a natural gas field that Geologists intentionally set on fire in order to prevent the spread of methane gas. Continually burning since 1971, the burning flames attract tourists all year round.

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Number Three: Hidden Beach, Mexico

Exactly what it says on the tin. The hidden beach is well…a hidden beach. Concealed beneath a gaping hole that exists due to volcanic eruption. The burrowed beach has glorious white sands, a crystal clear blue ocean and even those shady spots to embrace the chill.

Number Two: Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

An area that consists of around 40,000 interlocking basalt columns all forming a honeycomb hexagon type pattern. The Causeway was a result of an ancient volcanic eruption. A geologists wet dream. The natural wonder is one of the biggest tourist attractions in The UK and one of the most surreal natural phenomenons in the world.

Number One: Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Formed from a bunch of dried up prehistoric lakes. The Surreal Salar De Uyuni makes you feel like your treading on the edge of the earth. Renowned as the worlds biggest salt flat, the ground stretches endlessly like a long fluffy cloud on a bed of minerals.

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