Top 10 Stupidly Expensive Luxuries (Part 2)



We stunned you with the price tags of the first five stupidly expensive luxuries in our part one article, and now we are about to blow your mind with part two! You may never need any of these ridiculous amenities, but they sure are a few of the most entertaining ways to flush your money down the toilet. Read on to discover the final top five of the most stupidly expensive luxuries that you will never need!

Number Five: The Expensive Platinum Hello Kitty

It is no news to you that Hello Kitty fans tend to get a bit out of hand, but can you imagine spending $150,000 for a simple decoration? That is the asking price for this Hello Kitty figurine designed for royalty, comprised of precisely 590 grams of pure platinum. In addition to the rare base, the figurine is also adorned with about seven various jewels.

Number Four: The Most Expensive Piano

A piano is never a cheap purchase, but this instrument tops the line of music. Costing roughly $3,220,000, the Heintzman Crystal Piano is a 9-foot work of historical artwork. It was originally purchased to be played at the Beijing Olympics.

Number Three: A Dazzling Robot

Robots are usually made to be functional over all else, but this particular one was built to look good while doing it. The Platinum Gundam Robot is constructed with pure platinum as its base, and embellished with 11 dazzling diamonds. Considering all 89 of its parts, this little bot weighs out at 1,400 grams of platinum.

Number Two: The Rare Spin Jeans

These jeans may not be embellished with gold or diamonds, but they are sure to bring a smile to the face of rich hippies. A pair of the notorious, ‘80s-style Spin Jeans, created by Damien Hirst, would bear a price tag of $27,000. Why so expensive? They are incredibly rare, as only eight pairs of the unique pants were ever created.

Number One: The Onyx Panther

The Wallis Simpson bracelet is by far one of the most expensive accessories in the world. This unique bracelet was composed in the form of a majestic prowling panther. The stunning creature is made primarily from onyx and diamonds. We hope you enjoyed our ranking of the top 10 ridiculously expensive luxuries!

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