Top 10 Stupidly Expensive Luxuries (Part 1)



It is nice to splurge on some big ticket items every now again, but these 10 luxuries are just stupidly expensive! Unless you have a large sum of money that you are looking to simply throw away, we don’t suspect you will be purchasing any of these items soon. Don’t worry; we can guarantee you will never need these pricy items! Be sure to stay tuned for our part two article, coming soon with the top five stupidly expensive luxuries!

Number Ten: Some Pricy Pizza

If you wanted to buy a $1,000 pizza, you would probably be headed down to Nino’s Bellissima in New York City. Their specialty blend of toppings for this gourmet menu item include lobster tail and no less than four different types of delicious caviar.

Number Nine: The World’s Most Expensive Purse

In order to reach maximum style and obtain the world’s most expensive purse, the purchase would run you about $3,800,000. Why so much? The purse is specially designed in a fashion fit only for royalty, and is studded with as many as 4,517 diamonds. However, you may not have any money left to put inside.

Number Eight: The Golden Bra

Every woman dreams of the day she can wear a bra made out of solid gold, but unfortunately the majority of us cannot afford the whopping $1 million the sexy lingerie would cost. This exquisite set of undergarments is constructed with no less than 750 grams of pure, 18-carat gold, and is designed with exceptional fashion brilliance.

Number Seven: The Prize Cricket Ball

This unique and stunning cricket ball is a limited edition creation of Gitanjali Gems. The elegant stich is made using no less than pure, 18-carat gold, and the ball holds as many as 5728 diamonds. For a total price of $68,500, we can bet that playing cricket is the last thing you will be doing with this prized ball.

Number Six: iPhone 6 Black Diamond

If you think your smartphone is expensive, could you imagine spending $16,746,000 to stay connected? That is precisely the ridiculous price of this elegant iPhone 6 Black Diamond. The casing is encrusted with a stunning array of opal, rutile, quartz, and polished stones and gems. Be sure to stay tuned for our part two article, coming soon with the top five stupidly expensive luxuries!

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